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Amherst College Class of 1871
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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1921. *Adams, George Crawford.
1922. Bailey, Sidney Emory.
1923. Barnes, Luther Emerson.  S. of Lucius and Nancy Town (Cole), b. Hardwick, N. 19, 1843.

Prepared Wilbraham Acad.; A. C., 1866, 1867-71.  Studied law with Bacon and Aldrich, Worcester, and with William L. Smith, Springfield, 1871-73; admitted to bar, D. 1873; teacher, 1873; lawyer No. Brookfield, 1873-.

Married (1) Ap. 8, 1874, Maria L., da. of Peltiah Sheldon, Leominster; (2) Jan. 14, 1903, Lillian Francis Dam, No. Brookfield.

Address, High St., No. Brookfield, Mass.

1924. *Blanchard, Joseph Nathaniel.
1925. *Bliss, Edwin Munsell.
1926. *Bridgman, Raymond Landon.
1927. *Brownell, Charles Henry.
1928. Brownell, William Crary.
1929. Butler, Samuel Patterson.
1930. *Cheesman, Hobart.
1931. *Chickering, William Henry.
1932. *Clarke, Maurice Dwight.
1933. Clarke, Selah Merrill.
1934. Curtis, Jason Langdon.
1935. *Cutting, George Rugg.
1936. *Day, John Eddy.
1937. *De Mott, Edward Provost.
1938. *Dunshee, Carlos Eugene.
1939. *Eldredge, Henry Warren.
1940. *Fitz, Edward Southworth.
1941. Forbes, William Trowbridge.
1942. *Ford, Andrew Elmer.
1943. *Freels, Jesse McDonald.
1944. *Goss, Frank Allen.
1945. Greenwood, William.
1946. *Hall, Edward Smith.
1947. *Hall, William Leroy.
1948. *Hartzell, William H.
1949. *Haskell, Pliny Nelson.
1950. *Hill, David.
1951. Homer, William Bradford.
1952. *Howe, George Milton.
1953. *Hubbard, William Henry.
1954. *Keyser, Calvin.
1955. Lord, Herbert Gardiner.
1956. *Mallory, Charles William.
1957. *Martin, Edwin Konigmacher.  S. of Barton B. and Catherine C. (Rohrer), b. Millersville, Lancaster County, Penn., O. 1, 1844.  M. A., A. C., 1881.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; Princeton, 1867; A. C., 1867-71.  Wholesale lumber dealer Lancaster, Penn., 1871-75; studied law with Thomas Franklin, Lancaster, Penn. and at Columbia L. S., 1875-76; admitted to bar, Je. 1, 1876; practised Lancaster, Penn., 1876-91; engaged in realty business, Yonkers, N. Y., 1891-; president Amer. Real Estate Co., 14 yrs.; retired, 1908 but remained pres. of Penn. Realty Co. and Amherst Realty Co.  Private 79th Penn. Vols., 1861-65.  Member Penn. German Soc. of N. Y.; Penn. Soc.  Wrote History of the Mennonites, essays and press articles.  D. Yonkers, N. Y., May 4, 1913.

Married Je. 2, 1876, Caroline A., da. of Dr. Theodore R. Varick, Jersey City, N. J.  3 ch.

1958. *Moore, William Henry.
1959. *Morong, Arthur Bennet.
1960. *Morse, Anson Daniel.
1961. *Morse, Leonard.
1962. Paine, Arthur Richards.
1963. *Porter, Dwight Dixson.
1964. Rockwell, Robert Campbell.
1965. *Root, Edward Payson.
1966. *Sawyer, George Franklin.
1967. *Sawyer, Henry Hovey.
1968. *Shaw, David Augustus.
1969. *Simmons, Arthur Raymond.
1970. *Simpson, John Woodruff.  S. of James W. and Jane B. (Walker), b. Craftsbury, Vt., O. 13, 1850.  LL. B., Columbia, 1873; LL. D., A. C., 1903.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared State Normal School, Johnson, Vt.  Columbia L. S., 1871-73; admitted to bar, Je. 1873; lawyer first in office of Alexander and Green, and later as senior member of firm, Simpson, Thatcher and Bartlett, N. Y. City, 1872-1920.  Trustee A. C., 1904-20; director Metropolitan Trust Co., Hudson Companies, and many other corporations.  D. N. Y. City, May 16, 1920.  (Portrait in possession of A. C.)

Married May 15, 1889, Kate Seney, N. Y. City.  Ch. Jean.

1971. *Slocum, Edward Tinker.
1972. *Smith, Josiah Renick.
1973. *Stiles, Charles Spelman.
1974. *Stiles, Theodore Lamme.
1975. *Stone, Edward George.
1976. Taylor, Frank Mansfield.
1977. *Terry, Israel Newton.
1978. *Thompson, Everett Augustine.
1979. Tindell, Samuel Watson.
1980. Tomblen, Charles Lucius.
1981. *Wilson, Claudio.


*Barnes, James Alexander.
*Belden, Franklin Day.
*Bender, Franklin Whitfield.
Clift, George Denison.
Delano, Charles Gridley.
Dunham, Gilbert Tobey.
Flint, Omar Alpha.
*Hall, George Cyril.
*Hammond, Henry Ebenezer.
*Hoes, Roswell Randall.
Knapp, George Spencer.
Lawrence, William Mangam.
Morton, William Walker.
*Osborne, Theodore Moody.
Phillips, John Goddard.
*Pitkin, Clarence Horatio.
Powers, Frederic Perry.  S. of Rev. Philander Oliver (A. C. 1830) and Sarah Lester (Perry), b. Trebizond, Turkey, Je. 29, 1849.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Monson Acad.; A. C., 1867-68; grad Chicago U., 1871.  Journalist Boston; Newport, R. I.; Chicago, Ill.; editorial writer N. Y. Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin, 1893-1902; The Philadelphia Record, 1902-.  Priv. G. Co., 132 Ill. Inf. Vols., Civil War.  Wrote Labor-Making Machinery; magazine articles.  Address, 917 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Penn.
*Robertson, Lucius Osgood.
*Sawin, George Fisher.  S. of James Fisher and Mary Ann (Blanchard), b. Natick, Je. 7, 1848.  Prepared Natick H. S.; A. C., 1867.  D. Natick, N. 22, 1868.
*Smith, James Arthur.  S. of John Whorten and Mary Ann (Parks), b. Monson, Ap. 2, 1849.  Prepared Monson Acad.; A. C., 1867-68.  Business salesman; retired.  D. Winsted, Conn., Jan. 4, 1926.
*Stokes, Henry Shelby.  S. of Jordan, b. Lebanon, Tenn., N. 25, 1849.  LL. B., Cumberland U., Penn.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Amherst; A. C., 1867-69; grad. Columbia L. S., 1873.  D. Lebanon, Tenn., 1875.
*Thompson, Albert Barnes.  S. of D. L. and Sarah G. (Leathe), b. Phillipston, Je. 15, 1848.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1867-69.  D. Baldwinsville, Aug. 28, 1870.
*Thompson, Charles Wentworth.
Tsanoff, Andrea Stoyan.
*Walker, Charles Emmett.
Warner, William Henry.
*Waters, Edward Emerson.
Whittemore, Joseph Leathe.
*Wood, Julius Francis.

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