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Amherst College Class of 1869
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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1815. *Adams, Edward Austin.
1816. Allen, Charles Herbert.
1817. Ballantine, William Osborn.
1818. *Benedict, William Marsh.
1819. *Benner, Edward Augustine.
1820. *Bogart, Joseph Hegeman.
1821. *Boyden, Clarence Fuller.
1822. *Brown, William Reynolds.
1823. *Chickering, Joseph Knowlton.
1824. Childs, James Hobart.
1825. *Cook, Herbert Jonathan.
1826. *Donald, Elijah Winchester.
1827. *Eastman, Charles Francis.  S. of Rev. Joseph Bartlett and Mary (Huse), b. Caldwell, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1844.  M. A., A. C., 1872.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Windsor (N. Y.) Acad.  Taught Greek and German Wilmington, Del., 1869-71; prin. of H. S. and supt. of schools Beloit, Wis., 1871-74; teacher of Latin and Greek Williston Sem., 1875-77; farmer Easton, Md., 1877-95; private tutor Wilmington, Del., 1895-99.  D. Wilmington, Del., Jy. 6, 1899.

Married Jy. 12, 1876, Laura M., da. of Jeremiah Buck, Philadelphia, Penn.  8 ch.  Bro. John H. (A. C. 1869).

1828. *Eastman, John Huse.  S. of Rev. Joseph Bartlett and Mary (Huse), b. Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls), N. Y., Aug. 23, 1849.  M. A., A. C., 1872; D. D., A. C., 1899.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Windsor (N. Y.) Acad.  Teacher of Greek and Latin Prep. Dept. Knox Coll., Ill., 1869-71; acting prof. of Latin Knox Coll., 1871-72; Union T. S., 1872-75; ordained by Presbytery of Westchester, Katonah, N. Y., Jy. 8, 1875 and p. Presb. Ch. there, 1875-95; Pottsville, Penn., 1895-1915; retired and resided Winchester, 1915-17.  Member Pottsville city council, 3 yrs.  D. Winchester, N. 9, 1917.

Married Je. 11, 1879, Lucy, da. of Andrew L. King, Binghamton, N. Y., who d. S. 27, 1897.  Ch. Elizabeth; Joseph B. (A. C. 1904).  Bro. Charles F. (A. C. 1869).

1829. *Emmons, Amzi Babbitt.
1830. *Field, Henry Kellogg.
1831. *Fuller, Roselle Andrew.
1832. *Gage, George Merrill.
1833. *Goodman, Richard.
1834. *Hammond, William Penn.
1835. *Harrington, Myron Oscar.
1836. *Hewett, Waterman Thomas.
1837. *Hobbie, William Roscoe.
1838. Holland, William Jacob.  S. of Rev. Francis Raymond and Augusta Eliza (Wollé), b. Bethany, Jamaica, W. I., Aug. 16, 1848.  M. A., A. C., 1872; Ph. D., 1886 and Sc. D., 1902, Washington and Jefferson; D. D., A. C., 1888; LL. D., Dickinson, 1896; N. Y. U., 1897; Bethany, 1905; St. Andrew's, 1905.  Sigma Chi; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared with William G. Meinung, Salem, N. C., and at Moravian Coll., Bethlehem, Penn., 1863-67; A. C., 1868-69.  Studied theology Bethlehem, Penn., 1867-68; prin. Amherst and Westboro High Schools, 1869-71; Princeton T. S., 1871-74; ordained as Deacon, Moravian Ch., May 12, 1872; s. s. 4th Moravian Ch., Philadelphia, Penn., 1871; s. s. 2nd Moravian Ch., Philadelphia, 1872-73; Presb. Ch., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 1873; Central Cong. Ch., Philadelphia, 1874; p. Bellefield Presb. Ch., Pittsburgh, Penn., 1874-91; prof. of ancient languages Penn. Female Coll., 1878-79; chancellor Western U. of Penn. (U. of Pittsburgh), 1891-1901; director Carnegie Museum (Carnegie Institute), Pittsburgh, Penn., 1898-1922, director emeritus, 1922-.  Naturalist U. S. Eclipse expedition to Japan, 1887, to W. Africa, 1889.  Trustee of Penn. Female Coll., 1874-; Alleghany T. S., 1877-; delegate to Pan-Presb. Council, Edinburgh, Scotland, and to 7th World's Conference of Evangelical Alliance, 1877; permanent clerk of Presbytery, Pittsbugh, Penn.  Vice-president and chairman executive com. Carnegie Hero Fund Commission; councillor Assoc. for International Conciliation; Belgian Consul Western Penn., 1918-22.  Ritter d. Kon. Pruss. Kronen-Ordens, 111 Kl.; Officier de la Legion d'Honneur, 1908; Offizier d. K. K. Franz Josefs Orden, 1909; Comdr. d. Corona d'Italia, 1910; Knight (2cl.) order of St. Stanislas, Russia, 1911; Comdr. Ord. Civil Alfonzo 12, Spain, 1913; Comdr. Ord. of Crown of Belgium, 1919.  President Entomol. Soc. West. Penn.; Amer. Assoc. of Museums, 1907-09; fellow Zool. and Entomol. Soc. of London; A. A. A. S.; Amer. Geol. Soc.; Royal Soc. Edinburgh; hon. member Royal Acad. Bologna; Acad. Sciences of La Plata; Royal Soc. Archaeology and Geography of Sweden; Royal Acad. of Science of Spain; member many other socs. both here and Europe.  Wrote The Butterfly Book; The Moth Book; To the River Platte and Back; The Butterfly Guide; many scientific papers; ed. Annals, and Memoirs, Carnegie Museum.

Married Jan. 23, 1879, Carrie, da. of John Moorhead, Pittsburgh, Penn.  Ch. Moorhead B.; Francis R.

Address, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Penn.

1839. *Howes, Clarence Linden.
1840. *Keese, William Amasa.
1841. *Kellogg, John Edward.
1842. *Kittredge, Alvah Baylies.
1843. *Larned, Stephen Holmes.
1844. Lewis, Francis Draper.
1845. McCormick, George.
1846. *McNeill, James.
1847. *Matthews, Henry Martyn.
1848. *Montgomery, Marcus Whitman.
1849. Newhall, Charles Stedman.
1850. *Page, John Adams.
1851. *Pratt, Charles Ransom.
1852. *Putnam, Amos Bancroft.
1853. *Quinby, John William.
1854. *Richardson, Henry Bullard.
1855. *Richardson, John Kendall.
1856. *Sanderson, Julius.
1857. Scarritt, William Russell.
1858. *Seabury, Joseph Bartlett.
1859. Skidmore, Sidney Tuthill.
1860. *Slocum, Winfield Scott.
1861. Smith, Henry Preserved.
1862. Smith, Winthrop.
1863. Stickel, Edwin Charles.
1864. Stoddard, Francis Hovey.
1865. *Tenney, Albert Francis.
1866. *Thompson, Daniel Greenleaf.
1867. *Tracy, Alfred Edwards.
1868. *Votaw, Elihu Hilles.
1869. *Warn, William Hilton.
1870. *Woods, Robert McEwen.


*Adams, Henry.
*Bacon, Frank Choate.  S. of Dr. Amasa D., b. Gloucester, May 7, 1850.  Prepared Sharon; A. C., 1865-67.  Bookkeeper Boston.  D. Dorchester, O. 21, 1903.
*Bessey, Alden Edward.  S. of Erastus, b. Hebron, Me., Jan. 1, 1838.  Prepared Hebron (Me.) Acad.; A. C., 1866-68.  M. D., Me. M. S., 1870; practised Centre Sidney, Me.  D. Waterville, Me., Je. 15, 1903.
*Brown, John Randolph.  S. of Marcus B., b. Orient, L. I., N. 8, 1846.  Prepared Amenia, N. Y.; A. C., 1865-68.  D. Aug. 9, 1868.
*Chittenden, Henry Reed.
*Gilson, Jewett Castello.
*Hill, Don Gleason.
*Hobbs, Isaac Henry.  S. of Charles W., b. So. Berwick, Me., Aug. 9, 1849.  Prepared Berwick Acad.; A. C., 1865-66.  D. Jy. 8, 1870.
*Humphrey, Henry Correll.
*Johnston, John Boyd.
*McGraw, Thomas Henry.
*Meacham, Lewis.  S. of Rev. James and Mary F., b. New Haven, Vt., Mch. 4, 1846.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1867.  Tutor Christian Coll., Ind., 1868; reporter and proof reader Times and Tribune, Chicago, Ill., 1869-71; private sec. Mayor Medill, 1871-72; ed. Rutland Herald, 1874; reporter and assoc. ed. Chicago Tribune, 1875-78.  Priv. Vt. Regt. and 1st Lieut. N. Y. Highlanders, 1862-65.  D. Chicago, Ill., O. 2, 1878.
*Miller, Joseph Chapman Blanchard.  S. of Dr. Seth P., b. Worcester, Mch. 11, 1848.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Worcester H. S.; A. C., 1865-66.  D. D. 11, 1866.
*Morse, Henry Tyler.  S. of John B., b. Westminster, Vt., Ap. 5, 1844.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Kimball Union Acad.; A. C., 1865-67.  Supt. of schools Westminster, Vt., 1868-69; r. Minnesota, 1869-70.  D. Westminster, Vt., S. 18, 1870.
Pike, George Albert.  B. Newburyport, Aug. 24, 1848.  M. D.  Prepared Newburyport H. S.; A. C., 1865.  Physician Bristol, R. I.
*Warren, Henry Pitt.
Wells, Lucian Ethalston.  S. of Samuel B. and Delia A. (Bolles), b. Athens, Vt., Jy. 28, 1844.  M. A. (hon.), [A. C.,] 1873.  Prepared Leland and Grey Sem., Townshend, Vt.; A. C., 1865-66.  M. D., Albany Med. Coll., 1870; physician Mich. and R. I.  Address, 23 Everett St., Dorchester, Mass.
*Williams, Harry Young.
Williamson, Wallace Winant.

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