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from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

T HE bronze statue of Sabrina, of which this book is a history, has played a prominent part in the inter-class affairs of Amherst College since the early eighties.  Before the memory of man begins to fail on the interesting details of the early history of this statue, it seemed best that an authentic history be published.  It is fitting that all Sabrina men, at least, should be intimately acquainted with the story.

The facts contained herein are as accurate and full as could be obtained by the compiler, who has endeavored to maintain, as nearly as his love for Sabrina would permit, the impartiality of the historian.  This book is published in the hope that what it lacks in literary worth will be made up in the minds of the readers by the unusual nature of the theme.

In publishing this book the compiler has been greatly assisted with facts and personal reminiscences by the following Amherst men:  Edwin Duffey, '90; E. B. Child, '90; John T. Stone, '91; R. B. Ludington, '91; H. C. Crocker, '91; James M. Breed, '93; Harlan F. Stone, '94; Benjamin Hyde, '94; H. T. Noyes, '94; Grosvenor Backus, '94; Charles J. Staples, '96; Samuel Furbish, '98, Ferdinand Blanchard, '98; E. E. Green, '00; Robert Cleeland, '02; J. B. Eastman, '04; Ralph Wheeler, '06; Fayette Read, '08.  The writer is indebted to Prof. John F. Genung for his introduction and helpful criticism, and also to Burges Johnson, '99 for his appreciation of Sabrina, here published.

The sketches were drawn by J. F. Swalley, '10.


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