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Chapter 16: Class of 1912
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

[Sabrina at the sophomore banquet of the class of 1912]Sabrina remained in Holyoke in perfect safety until the Sophomore banquet of the class of 1912 was held at the Hotel Astor in New York City on March 4th, 1910. Shoop, '10, expressed Sabrina to New York City, and left her for the night and day preceding the banquet in a bank on Fifth Avenue. On the night of March 4th, Cornell, Henry, Seligman and Shoop, '10, secured the services of a cartman and a private detective, and took Sabrina about eight o'clock in the evening from the bank, down into Broadway, thronged at that time with the usual theatre crowd. Little did that pleasure-seeking people imagine the excitement in the breasts of those four Sabrina men as they eagerly peered from the covered van and watched for signs of any odd classmen, as they neared the Astor Hotel. She was quickly taken in the box to the Roof Garden of the Astor and unpacked in a room adjoining the banquet hall. The four men, above mentioned, then carried her in before the eyes of the Sabrina men there assembled. Amid cheering and singing of "All hail, Sabrina dear!" she was given a place of honor before the speakers' table, and one by one the men filed by, each giving her a fond caress, after which Shoop, the '10 guardian, officially turned her over to the class of 1912. Sabrina was then taken from the room followed by all the '10 men present, who with joined hands continued singing and dancing around her as she was being packed in the box, and just before the last board was screwed down they each gave her a farewell kiss. It might be a long time before they would again see Sabrina, who had grown to mean so much to them during their four years in college. They did not stop singing until Sabrina disappeared in the elevator. She was soon placed in the express wagon and taken back to the bank.

There had been no disturbance whatever by the odd classmen and the following Monday, Sabrina was quietly shipped by the 1912 guardian by a series of intermediate steps to a small fishing town on the Maine Coast. There she is resting peacefully as this book goes to press, but at just this time she is also about to be wafted away to unknown regions of this big, big country, far from the profane touch of inquisitive odd classmen. All Sabrina men bid her Godspeed.


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