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Chapter 14: Class of 1908
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

The Sophomore banquet of the class of 1908 was held at the Hotel Astor in New York City on March 19th, 1906; and there Sabrina was given into the charge of Fayette F. Read, guardian for '08.  After the usual ceremonies, Sabrina left the jovial circle of '08 banqueters and, under the charge of Read, was carted to a Fifth Avenue warehouse, where she was to be left for a week.  Read, having returned to Amherst, sent an order to the warehouse to have the box forwarded. In a few days he received a letter from the company asking him to come immediately to New York and see the contents of his box.  The letter said, "There is nothing in it but a battered old statue which seems badly used," and refused to ship it until Read had seen it.  Consequently he took the midnight train for New York, filled with apprehension, and was vastly relieved the next morning to see Sabrina's smiling, face the same as ever.  Truly she did look a little misused, and to an outsider the intrinsic value of the statue would seem to be almost nil.  When it is remembered how many wild adventures the statue has been through, it is remarkable that anything is left at all.  A brief explanation served to satisfy the warehouse people, and after a new case had been made for her to travel in, Read had her expressed to Holyoke, Massachusetts, and immediately upon her arrival took her in a big wagon up the river road and hid her under his brother's log cabin, "The Pines," facing on the river, where she was left until the Sophomore banquet of the class of 1910.


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