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Chapter 13: Class of 1906
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

Sabrina passed into the hands of '06 at their Sophomore banquet, held in the Murray Hill Hotel, in New York City.  Ralph W. Wheeler, '06, was chosen guardian.  He was at Hartford with the baseball team two days before the banquet, which was held on May 9th, 1904, and under the pretext of going to stay with a relative, Wheeler left the team without creating suspicion and reached New York City that evening.  The next morning, which was Sunday, Wheeler met Hawkins, '04, who took him to the basement of the Murray Hill Hotel and showed him among the stacks of trunks, a large box which he said contained the famous Sabrina.  The box had been there since the afternoon of the day before.

Monday, May 9th, about noon, the class of '06 with numerous other even classmen arrived at the hotel and shortly after were assembled in one of the parlors to view and kiss the Goddess.  The ceremony over, she was repacked by Hawkins and Eastman, '04, and taken to the basement of the hotel where she was officially turned over to Wheeler as guardian, who hurried her away from the hotel before there could be any chance of trouble from odd classmen.  She was loaded into a dray and carried through the city.  Wheeler followed not far behind and soon got into trouble.  No one had seen an odd classman, but the streets were full of men of his own class and he had to stop to talk with them (because it is essential for a guardian to conceal his identity even from the members of his own class), and Wheeler found it difficult to explain why he was in such a hurry.  Meanwhile, the boxed Sabrina, looming up like a mountain as it seemed to him, was passing on down the street in plain view of all, and he had to follow on.  The trip, however, was at last accomplished, and Sabrina was taken to the northern part of Manhattan and there hidden in the second story of a machine shop, where Wheeler left her until she was to be turned over to '08.


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