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Chapter 12: Class of 1904
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

Donald Bartlett, '04, was originally appointed guardian for his class.  For some reason or other suspicion seemed to center in the minds of the odd classmen upon Bartlett as the possible guardian, and some of their men, especially those in Bartlett's fraternity, watched him night and day.  So, perforce, Hawkins, then President of '04, told Bartlett that he would be unable to serve as guardian, and shortly before the time of the '04 banquet Joseph B. Eastman was appointed guardian.

The day before the class banquet, in New London, Connecticut, which was held May 4, 1902, Eastman left Amherst on the plea that his uncle had just died and that he was going to attend his funeral.  He went down to Springfield, staying over night at the Massasoit House under an assumed name.  Next day he met Cleeland, '02, and had Sabrina taken from the factory to the train and expressed to New Haven.  Eastman accompanied her on the same train, saw her unloaded at New Haven and re-expressed to New London.  In the station at New Haven, Eastman met a classmate of his and had considerable difficulty in explaining to him his presence there at that time.  He, however, told some lie to satisfy the man and managed to catch the same train with Sabrina to New London.  There he had the box taken by a local expressman to the hotel where the banquet was to be held.

The proprietor of the hotel was the only one who knew what was up, and he told the expressman some lie about the contents of the box.  It was hauled up to the second story of the hotel by a block and tackle in the rear, where they sometimes handled heavy baggage.  She was then placed in a room immediately adjoining the banquet and there waited for the class to arrive.  Just before the banquet, the box was unpacked and Sabrina was placed upon a table in this adjoining room.  After the banquet was in session, all the class filed in one by one and kissed her chaste lips, vowing eternal allegiance.  She was then packed up again and taken in a light spring wagon from the hotel, having been let down by means of the block and tackle which had taken her up.  With a good team of horses she was quickly carted to the pier of the Norwich Line, where she was loaded on board the boat for New York.  Eastman went along with her and immediately on arrival in New York City had her taken to a storehouse on West Street, where he left her under an assumed name."

Just before Sabrina was to be turned over to the class of 1906, Eastman was elected President of '04, and so gave the care of Sabrina to Hawkins, whom he had succeeded.


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