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Chapter 11: Class of 1902
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

Sabrina came into the possession of the class of 1902 early in the spring of 1899.  At that time she was still in storage at Albany.  Robert Cleeland, '02, was selected guardian for his class.  He received her from Green, '00, at Albany, and intended to ship her to Springfield.  The case which held Sabrina was in bad repair, however, and so bulky that only the largest of car doors would admit it.[Sabrina on roof of Kibbe factory]  He therefore had a more compact case built, and also had an arm of the statue repaired, which had been badly broken.  This work was done by an artisan in West Albany.  At length Sabrina was ready for shipment to Springfield, where she was stored in the factory of Kibbe Brothers, on Harrison Avenue.  On the train coming from Albany, Sabrina had an escort of about a dozen fellows, both odd and even classes, returning from Easter vacation, --- entirely unaware, however, of the honor being done them in being allowed to ride on the same train with the Goddess.

1902 had planned to hold its Freshman banquet at the Hotel Wellington, North Adams, Massachusetts, and Cleeland had completed final arrangements for transporting Sabrina to that place when a telegram apprised him that the plans for the banquet had been discovered by the odd classmen.  Cleeland immediately cancelled all arrangements and returned to Amherst.

The banquet was finally held in June, 1899, at The Worthy, in Springfield, Massachusetts.  This was a somewhat risky undertaking on account of the proximity of Springfield to Amherst.  It was very convenient, however, for Cleeland to take Sabrina from the Kibbe factory to the hotel, only a few blocks away, and return her without exciting any suspicion at all.  The banquet went off in good shape and after Sabrina was duly cheered and kissed by all the men present, she was returned to the top floor of the Kibbe factory, having been away from her hiding place less than an hour.  There she remained quietly until she was turned over to the class of 1904.


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