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Chapter 10: Class of 1900
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

The class of 1900 held its Sophomore banquet on Monday evening, November 1, 1897, at the Hotel Mohican in New London.

"On the preceding Saturday, Green, '00, had gone to New London and carefully made arrangements to prevent any possibility of Sabrina's being captured by the members of the odd classes.  A trustworthy driver was secured and a forty-mile drive across the state planned.  Green secured the cooperation and goodwill of the proprietor of the Hotel Mohican, so that all would be in readiness for Monday night.  After receiving Sabrina from Furbish, '98, at Albany, Green immediately shipped her to New London.  He, too, had considerable trouble in getting the box into the express car, and this in the rather crowded station at Albany caused many an anxious moment for the guardian.  A fivehundred-pound box is not an easy thing to handle or conceal, and he feared lest even a chance visitor might discover its presence there.  Sabrina finally reached New Haven by way of the B. & A. railroad to Pittsfield, and from there N. Y., N. H. & H., to New Haven.  Much to his dismay, Green learned that the last express for New London had gone, --- and this was the afternoon of the day of the banquet.  However, by the kindness of the express agent, whose sympathy was gained, by the pitiful story told him of the urgent need of getting this valuable 'machine' in New London that night, Sabrina was soon again speeding on toward her beloved devotees.

Preceding the class by two or three hours, on his arrival in New London Green took Sabrina immediately to the hotel and by the time '00 arrived she was ready to receive them.  As the class was seated in the banquet hall a delegation of four retired and returned with Sabrina.  After the usual enthusiasm and each member of the class had made his obeisance to the Goddess, she was escorted from the room and within an hour again started on her travels.  "The forty-mile ride across the state was one of the wildest that either Sabrina or her guardian had ever taken.  At just twelve o'clock, Green started with a team, the driver being his only companion."  It was one of the darkest nights imaginable, with rain pouring down in torrents, making the roads a sea of mud.  Every sound was intensified in the darkness and many times Green felt certain that there were followers on the trail.  As the hours passed the strain from excitement began to tell and was keenly felt.  Blacker and blacker seemed to grow the darkness, and a dense fog seemed to settle down along with the rain.  And it was only by the sense of feeling that either Green or the driver knew whether the team was in the road or in the ditch.  After travelling about three hours in this way, something broke and the wagon lurched to one side.  Upon examination with a lantern, they found that one of the bolts holding the pole to the axle had broken.  This looked discouraging, as the roads had been through dense woods without a sign of habitation for many miles, and the place where the relay of horses was waiting was fully a mile ahead, with a long, steep hill intervening.  "The break was repaired as well as was possible in the darkness by rope and parts of the harness, and once more they began their weary journey, just as the light of day was breaking in the east. The barn where fresh horses were waiting was reached, but the driver refused to proceed until the break in the wagon had been repaired.  Green was unable to persuade him, so had to wait for a blacksmith to open up his shop.  This meant a three hours' delay, which meant the missing of the proposed railroad connection and a greater possibility of discovery, should it happen that any one was following Green.  There was no sleep possible under such a strain, but the haymow offered a most inviting place to pass the time.  Here Green and the driver rested until six o'clock, when they aroused a blacksmith and repaired the wagon.  Within an hour Sabrina was again speeding on her way and they reached the station just in time for the train.  The journey to Albany was uneventful and Green, on reaching there, again hid Sabrina in the warehouse where she had formerly been.  There the Goddess remained in quiet solitude until handed over to the class of '02, in the spring of their sophomore year.

When Green returned to Amherst, he found his classmates most disturbed over a report which appeared in the New London paper stating that on the night that Sabrina was taken from New London she was followed by the class of '99, who saw her guardian take the Goddess to a certain lake and placing her on a raft go out into the lake and drown her.  It was claimed that she had been removed from her watery grave by the members of '99, after the guardian had returned to Amherst.  This is but one example of the fertile imagination of many reporters who try to tell of the wanderings of our Goddess.  It was true, however, that the day after the banquet members of '99 were in New London and offered big sums of money for any information regarding the hiding-place of Sabrina or the route of her escape.


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