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Chapter 6: Class of 1893
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

'90 and '92 made many attempts to recapture Sabrina, but to no avail.  The '91 men proved ardent and capable guardians and, "in the fall of 1889 she was handed to the then Freshman class of '93, who kept her during the fall and winter in the same barn in Hatfield, at the home of Wells, '91.  In February of 1890, Sabrina was taken by wagon at midnight from Hatfield to Northampton, and from there shipped to Springfield, where she was present at the '93 Freshman class supper.  During this year she was under the direct charge of Schauffler, then president of the class, who kept her under a haymow in a barn at Claremont, New Hampshire.  Later she was given into the charge of the Class Executive Committee."

Plans were then made by '93 for a Sophomore banquet in Boston, in June, 1891.  "For about a year prior to this time, Sabrina had been kept in a deposit warehouse in Springfield, Mass.  The duty of taking Sabrina from Springfield to the class dinner in Boston was entrusted to a committee.  By lot it was arranged that James Breed should take the statue to Boston, and that E. R. Houghton should bring her back to Springfield, and see that she was again placed in the warehouse.  Breed attended to the boxing and taking of the statue to Boston, and accompanied her in the express car, the box having been addressed to him at Boston."  Sabrina appeared safe and sound at the banquet, and was duly toasted, cheered, and kissed.  In the light of subsequent happenings and the vociferous disapproval of Sabrina by all present-day odd classmen, the following selection from the '93 Olio, published before she was stolen, is interesting as a proof that it is all a question of whether one is on the inside looking out or the outside looking in.  At any rate, Sabrina was well loved by '93, their dinner was a great success, and this is what they said:

"Shall we, who at that time looked upon our 'fostering divinity,' ever forget her as she sat at the head of the table, surrounded with beautiful flowers?  Can we fully realize what an odd and capricious fate has been hers?  What contrasts of life her homes have afforded!  From the unbroken stillness of the haymow, and the damp silence of the cellar, she has been placed among rushing waters at the bottom of the Connecticut, and again carried over the land, in the dead of night, by the swift locomotive!  She has seen the terrors of the dark forest contrasted with the gay lighted table, the feast and the songs!  But through all these vicissitudes she has remained and will remain, let us hope, through more tranquil years, 'our fostering divinity, Sabrina.'"

After this banquet in Boston, which was at the old Tremont House, Houghton "took charge of the statue, rubbed out the address 'Boston' and inserted 'Springfield' in its place."  Then he reshipped it by the American Express Co. to Springfield, but did not personally accompany the statue, planning instead to go to that city by way of Amherst the next day to see to removing it to a place of concealment.  Meanwhile, things had been happening in Amherst, and this is why Houghton found no Sabrina waiting for him the next day in Springfield.


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