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Chapter 5: Class of 1891
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

In June, 1889, the class of '91 had its Sophomore banquet at Watch Hill, R. I.  Sabrina was in attendance and was cheered and honored as never before.  The class chartered a tug and after a trip about the Sound followed the Yale-Harvard boat race with Sabrina still seated proudly in a place of honor in the bow.  The day was fair and the charming Goddess caused quite a sensation among the followers of the race.  Many were the questions asked among the crowd, and strange to say none knew who the fair figure was.  H. C. Crocker was acting as guardian.  That evening she was taken by train to Westerly, R. I., and then to Watch Hill by wagon.  She appeared during the banquet about three o'clock in the morning, carried by four men who walked around the tables with Sabrina on their shoulders, while the '91 men sang,

Sabrina, Sabrina, we drink to thee,
And every son of '91 will in the chorus be.

Sabrina, according to the '91 men, seemed to like their company much better than that of the class of '90.  This is not printed as authentic, however.


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