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Chapter 2
from Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

[Sabrina on the campus, 1857]It was in the year 1857 that Governor Joel Hayden of Massachusetts gave a sum of money to Amherst College for the erection of a bronze statue of the Goddess Sabrina.  The original from which this copy was made is at Shrewsbury, England.  The statue presented to the college was made in 1857.  Its weight is three hundred and fifty pounds; it is four and a half feet high.  The college valued the gift highly, and placed it in the center of a flower-bed on the Campus, at the foot of the terrace, midway between North College Dormitory and the Octagon.  There it remained for a number of years in peaceful solitude.  The summers came and went, but they were all the same to Sabrina.  Storm and sunshine passed over her with like effect.  Her garment of driven snow suited her as beautifully as did the pearly raindrops of summer.  She continued to sit amidst the flowers of the garden, always smiling upon the students as they passed to their college duties.

The statue rested upon a large brownstone base, about two feet high, four and a half feet long, and three wide.  On the front of this stone the students read every morning on their way to Chapel, the words,


This block now stands in the rear of the new Observatory, on Snell Street.


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