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An Appreciation, by a Non-Sabrina Man
by Burges Johnson, '99
for Sabrina, The Class Goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop 1910

Sabrina is, at the present date of writing, Goddess of Amherst's even numbered classes.  Her countenance sheds a certain effulgence over this portion of the graduate and undergraduate body, with perhaps just such a mentally benumbing influence as was wielded by Circe's baleful beauty.  As this history is written by one of Sabrina's subjects, it is perhaps advisable to have it prefaced by the graduate of an odd year, who, undazzled, unprejudiced, with an eye single to the truth, may put the reader on his guard.

Imagine a female (Goddess if you will, for residence on Olympus entitled no certificate of character) of uncertain age, brazen beyond denial, and bearing the scars of ancient brawls.  Realize that she has travelled the breadth of the land, wining and dining annually only at stag occasions; evading the police and detectives, and all this in a costume that were better not described, --- if indeed it merits the name.

These facts it seems well to place before the reader, as a matter of fairness.  On the other hand, the fact that a heroine is no lady does not lessen the popular interest in her memoirs, as a study of current literature proves.  And it may be said in Sabrina's behalf that she has always been true to Amherst; and surely constancy to so worthy an object for such a term of years is a mighty virtue.  For that reason, if for no other, the voices of odd and even-numbered classes sometimes blend, singing in mighty chorus the stirring paean in her praise.



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