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Table of Illustrations
in A History of Amherst College during the Administration of Its First Five Presidents
by William S. Tyler 1830

Chapter. Illustration.
Preface. William S. Tyler.
Introductory Note. (None.)
CHAPTER I. Amherst Academy.
First Congregational Meeting-House and Parsonage in 1788.
CHAPTER II. Amherst College in 1821.
CHAPTER III. Zephaniah Swift Moore.
Amherst College in 1824.
CHAPTER IV. Heman Humphrey.
CHAPTER V. The Chapel and Dormitories.
The President's House.
CHAPTER VII. Edward Hitchcock.
Woods Cabinet and Observatory.
CHAPTER VIII. William A. Stearns.
Appleton Cabinet.
Williston Hall.
The Barrett Gymnasium.
The College Church.
College Hall.
The Common, Looking Toward Amherst College.
CHAPTER X. Julius H. Seelye.
The Mather Art Collection.
CHAPTER XI. Walker Hall.
The Henry T. Morgan Library.
The Pratt Gymnasium.
The Chemical and Physical Laboratory Building.
CHAPTER XII.Amherst College Athletic Grounds.
The Grand Stand on Pratt Field.
CHAPTER XIII. View from the College Library.
Appendices. Amherst College grounds.


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