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Table of Contents
of A History of Amherst College during the Administration of Its First Five Presidents
by William S. Tyler 1830

Introductory Note. 
CHAPTER I.The Queen's College Project --- First Associated Action in Regard to Amherst College --- Amherst Academy the Mother of Amherst College --- The Charity Fund --- Question of the Removal of Williams College.
CHAPTER II.Erection of the First College Edifice --- Inauguration of the President and Professors and Opening of the College.
CHAPTER III.The First Presidency --- First Catalogue and Course of Study --- The Literary Societies --- Early Amherst --- Death of President Moore.
CHAPTER IV.President Humphrey's Administration, from 1823 to 1825 --- Struggle for the Charter --- Legislative Investigation --- Final Success --- Seal of the College.
CHAPTER V.A Period of Rapid Growth, 1825-36 --- First Scientific Course --- The Chapel Building --- Unsuccessful Appeals to the Legislature --- Hours and Fines --- The President's House.
CHAPTER VI.Period of Reaction and Decline --- The Anti-Slavery Agitation and Rebellion of Students --- Threatened Bankruptcy --- Public Disfavor --- Resignation of President Humphrey.
CHAPTER VII.Presidency of Dr. Hitchcock --- The Faculty Manage the Finances --- First Foundations for Professorships --- New Buildings --- Restored Prosperity --- Dr. Hitchcock's Character.
CHAPTER VIII.The Presidency of Dr. Stearns --- Scholarships and Prizes --- New Buildings --- The College Church --- The Beginning of the System for Physical Education --- The Walker and Other Professorships --- Optional Courses.
CHAPTER IX.The Civil War --- Records of Amherst's Heroes --- The Commemorative Chime of Bells --- The Semi-Centennial Celebration.
CHAPTER X.Difficulties in Selecting President Stearns's Successor --- Professor Seelye's Election --- Successful Opening of His Administration --- Additions to the Faculty --- The Administration of President Seelye --- Inauguration of the "Amherst System" --- Remarkable Prosperity of the College.
CHAPTER XI.The Burning of Walker Hall --- The Buildings Erected During the Administration --- The "Amherst System" --- Amherst College Reaches Its Highest Prosperity --- Resignation of President Seelye.
CHAPTER XII.Athletics --- Gymnasium Exercises and "The Doctor" --- Intercollegiate Games --- College Societies --- The Greek-Letter Fraternities.
CHAPTER XIII.Religious History of Amherst --- Earlier Colleges and Universities, Founded from Religious Motives --- Decline of Religious Spirit --- Colleges for Education of Ministers --- Revivials at Amherst from 1823 to 1853.
CHAPTER XIV.Religious History Continued --- Seven Revivals in the First Twelve Years of President Stearns' Administration --- In the Remaining Years Two --- In President Seelye's Two --- Change in the Form and Manner, Not in the Spirit --- Cause of the Change --- Remedy.
Appendices.Amherst College Grounds --- Donations to the College --- Number of the Faculty and Students Year by Year --- Statistics of College Buildings --- Membership of Fraternities in Recent Years --- Tuition Fees Per Annum from 1821 to 1895.
Table of Illustrations. 


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