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of William S. Tyler's History of Amherst College During Its First Half Century

Preliminaries.Illustration: View from the North-East

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CHAPTER I.Queen's College --- Characteristics and Historical Associations of the Connecticut Valley
CHAPTER II.Amherst First Named as the Best Site for a College --- Amherst as it then was

Illustration: View from Mt. Pleasant

CHAPTER III.Amherst Academy
CHAPTER IV.Constitution of the Charity Fund --- The Convention at Amherst in 1818
CHAPTER V.Efforts to Unite Williams College and the Institution at Amherst
CHAPTER VI.Erection of the First College Edifice --- Inauguration of the President and Professors, and Opening of the College

Illustration: Amherst College in 1821

CHAPTER VII.The First Presidency and Other First Things during the First Two Years

Illustration: Zeph. Swift Moore

CHAPTER VIII.Biographical Sketches of President Moore and His Colleagues in the Faculty
CHAPTER IX.Lives of Some of the Founders
CHAPTER X.President Humphrey's Administration from 1823 to 1825 --- Struggle for the Charter
CHAPTER XI.The Period of Rapid Growth, 1825-36
CHAPTER XII.Religious History of the Period, 1825-36
CHAPTER XIII.Trustees and Other Officers whose Connection with the College Ceased during this Period, 1825-36
CHAPTER XIV.Period of Reaction and Decline --- Resignation of President Humphrey
CHAPTER XV.The Religious History of this Period, 1836-45
CHAPTER XVI.Biographical sketches of President Humphrey and Some of His Associates

Illustration: H. Humphrey

CHAPTER XVII.Presidency of Dr. Hitchcock

Illustration: Library, with President's House and College Hall

CHAPTER XVIII.Religious History of this Period, 1845-54
CHAPTER XIX.Biographical Sketches of Dr. Hitchcock and Some of His Associates

Illustration: Edward Hitchcock

CHAPTER XX.The Presidency of Dr. Stearns

Illustration: Wm. A. Stearns
Illustration: Williston Hall
Illustration: Walker Hall
Illustration: College Church
Illustration: Massachusetts Agricultural College

CHAPTER XXI.Religious History of the College During this Period
CHAPTER XXII.Trustees and Other Officers Deceased or Resigned under the Presidency of Dr. Stearns
CHAPTER XXIII.The Present Trustees
CHAPTER XXIV.Overseers of the Charity Fund, Commissioners and Treasurers
CHAPTER XXV.Benefactors of the College

Illustration: Saml. A. Hitchcock
Illustration: William J. Walker
Illustration: S. Williston
Illustration: E. S. Snell
Illustration: W. S. Tyler

CHAPTER XXVII.The Semi-Centennial Celebration

Illustration: View from the Common
Illustration: View from the South-West

CHAPTER XXVIII.Then and Now -- Panoramic Review of Change and Progress
APPENDIX.Subscribers to the Charity Fund --- Thirty Thousand Dollar Subscription --- Charter, Etc.


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