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[Emma]Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web. Feel free to read what's new here, and if you can't find what you're looking for, try the index.

Greatest hits:

If you'd like to explore, I have pages with content for literature (including Andersen, Brooke, E. B. Browning, Field, Housman, and Mother Goose), sports (including a general NESCAC page and one for NESCAC football), and genealogy.

You can also explore my other pages, which have nuggets of content but not as much, including the pages entitled Amherst, books, home and garden, people, photos, places, software, Internet, links, and miscellany. You can also check the statistics for my website.

If you see anything that looks odd, or just want to email me, I'm at rjyanco@unix.amherst.edu until November 30, which is when all of my website is going away too.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!


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