Series Editor's Foreword

Author's Note and Acknowledgments


Part I: Rewriting Resemblance

1. Introduction: A Turbulence within Resemblance

I. Resemblance and Old French Romance

II. An Overture to Rewriting: Metaphorical Characterizations of Resemblance

III. The Critical Metaphor of Rewriting

IV. The Legitimacy of Resemblances: A Locus for Argumentation

V. A Turbulence within Resemblance

2. Twin Mysteries: Ceci n'est pas un Fresne

3. The Falsification of Resemblance

I. Reading the False Guenievre

II. Rewriting the Boiling Fountain

4. On the Vicissitudes of Juncture: The Insufficiencies of Resemblance

Part II: Rewriting Remembrance

5. The Repeating Rains

I. From Remembrance to Remembrance

II. The Rains of Remembrance

III. From Virgil's Lethe to the Lethes of the Eneas

IV. Emerging from the Underworld: The Rains of Remembrance, the Golden Bough of Memory

V. From Rains to Rains: The Emergence of Allegory in the Prose Grail Cycle

VI. The Repeating Rains and The Turbulence within Resemblance

6. The Localization of the Conte: Ceci n'est pas un graal



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