Author's Note and Acknowledgments

Translations are provided for readers unfamiliar with Old French and Latin. Those without attribution are mine. Upon occasion, for the purposes of the argument, it was necessary to modify some of the phrases or terms used in the translations cited. This should not be taken to imply that the passages cited had been mistranslated. In the cases where changes were introduced by the author, they are italicized. For those portions of the Lacy translation of the Grail cycle which were not yet in print at the time of publication, no page references were available. Old French terms that are frequently cited in the text are given approximate translations in a Glossary to be found at the end of this volume.

The following people read various portions of the manuscript and provided invaluable comments, criticism, and encouragement. Their guidance was deeply appreciated by the author. Antonio Benitez-Rojo, Keith Busby, Jay Caplan, Rosalina De la Carrera, Laurence DeLooze, Robert Doran, Robert Gooding-Williams, Kathryn Gravdal, Leah Hewitt, Marie-Hélène Huet, David Hult, Douglas Kelly, Elspeth Kennedy, Christopher Kleinhenz, Susan Krautkremer, Norris Lacy, Donald Maddox, James Maraniss, Susan Niditch, Rupert T. Pickens, Daniel Poirion, Jeff Rider, Gabrielle Spiegel, Sara Sturm-Maddox, Michel Zink. My thanks to Richard O'Gorman for having verified certain translations that I had prepared for this project. Norris Lacy very generously supplied portions of the Garland translation of the Grail cycle that were not yet in print at the time of publication. The incomparable expertise of Will Bridegam, Margaret Groesbeck, and John Lancaster greatly facilitated the completion of the project. Professor John Rager provided advice and expertise in matters related to computing in the Humanities that proved to be indispensable for my research. The following Amherst College students aided in the compilation of a formidable computer database of medieval romances which was used extensively in the preparation of this book: Maria (da Luz Cerqueira) Martins, Stephanie (Turner) Daval, Ana Martinez, Brooke Heidenreich, Neil Bernstein, Lisa Porter, Mark Cruse. Special thanks are due to Dee Brace and Ginny Ducharme. This research was supported in part by the Amherst College research award program.

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