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Tina Achcar-Naccache, A Lebanese American Perspective on Middle Eastern Studies

Ravina Aggarwal, Feminist Representation, Feminist Practice: Perspectives from South Asian Anthropology

Asoka Bandarage, Connecting Activism in the North and the South

Amrita Basu, Women's Movements and the Challenge of Transnationalism

Margaret Cerullo, Introducing Latinas into an Introductory Feminist Studies Course

Rhonda Cobham-Sander, Teaching Caribbean Literature in a Women's Studies Context

Carmen Diana Deere, Gender Studies and Latin American Studies: A Report from Guadalajara

Jamal Elias, Secularization, Laicization, and Challenges to Feminist Reform in the Islamic World

Ann Ferguson, Massachusetts Welfare "Reform" and Global Activism: Bringing it Home to the Classroom

Mitzi Goheen, Women's Political Movements in Cameroon

Ambreen Hai, Teaching Recent South Asian Women Writers: Issues of Gender in Literature and Theory

Betsy Hartmann, Vertical Reform or Lateral Solidarity? The Politics of Privilege in the International Women's Health Movement

Lynn Morgan, Ethnography and Gender: Challenging Latin American Studies

Laurie Nisonoff, Men, Women and the Global Assembly Line

Ben Oke, A Nutrition Course with Gender Issues

Jeanne Marie Penvenne, Gender Studies, Area Studies, and the New History, with Special Reference to Africa

Sean Redding, Women, Structural Adjustment and the Decline of Subsistence Agriculture in Africa

Josna Rege, Women and the New Cosmopolitanism

Nan Wiegersma, Financial Crises and the IMF: The Effects on Working Women in Central America and East Asia

Elise Young, Women and Health: Comparative Case Studies of the Middle East and U.S. Women of Color

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