Psychology 33 - First Class Demo

Instructions: Please use the form below to record the requested information about the first academic class for every year of your academic life. A few helping hints.

  • Do not consider 'homeroom' your first class even if it was your first stop of the day; it is not an academic class. However, if you stayed in your homeroom class for Science or Math, you would consider that room as your first class.  
  • If your school only had one building, please fill in the name of the school (e.g., Harley Ave.,for me).
  • If you stayed in the same room for all subjects (e.g., elementary school), please fill in the word 'General' for the 'course'.
  • If you have yet to begin an academic year, or if you did not attend pre-school or kindergarten, put an 'X' in the relevant box.

Room #
College Senior
College Junior
College Soph.
College FY
HS Senior
HS Junior
HS Soph.
8th grade
7th grade
6th grade
5th grade
4th grade
3rd grade
2nd grade
1st grade

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