A few pictures of us...


Senior Dinner!

classic yearbook picture!

make us proud!

round table numero 1

freshman table! future leaders of la causa!

the officials

they look like they're ready for the real world! right?

good times, good times

amazing food and decorations, we did a good job eh?



Meeting Pictures and Senior Dinner Pictures


Monica, Angela and Lauren during elections...check out the awesome library we have

Nick, Jason, and Frida chillin

Eddie, Tamara, Kaleena, Luisa, Emi, and Monica, listening attentively to election speeches....

Yesi, Kathy, and Christian showing Latino Pride....and Nelly and Fye too....

Jose Marti, Che, Lauren, and Cristina....

Senior Dinner Pictures

La Doña, Jess, being honored..

La Causa group picture at the dinner, heh, Christian took the picture without telling us...

Upperclassmen and Professors dining, enjoying the tres leches cake...

Luisa, Tamara (one of our wonderful decorators), Cathy, Kaleena (our other wonderful decorator), Jason, Nick, and Emi

President Marx gives a few words...

Cally, Emily, Eddie, Eva, Jai, Volana, and Yesi...