Meetings: Monday nights 9pm in the TV room. Members are required to attend. Guests are welcome as well - if you have any business to present to the house, this is the forum for it.

Cafe con Leche: Join us most Sunday evenings around 9pm for coffee, snacks, and conversation.

Community Service: Each house member is required to perform 10 hours of service each semester that benefits the Latino Community of the Pioneer Valley. In addition, the house plans a full day of service together each semester.

For Spring 2003, we hosted kids from El Arco Iris in Holyoke on Saturday, April 19. Mr. Gad's House of Improv led a workshop on improvisation in the morning. We had lunch at La Casa and played soccer, then went to the Chemistry Department to make nitrogen ice cream.

House Projects: Members put on house projects each semester to raise awareness of Latino Culture on Campus. House projects for 2002-03 include:

Presentation on political history of the Dominican Republic and a home-made dinner of Dominican cuisine, for Dominican Independence day - by Nelly and Dio

Poetry Reading by Sandra Maria Esteves at Hampshire College and a dinner with the poet in La Casa, coordinated by Sandy.

Latino Culture Taboo - a board game created by Jesus, Renee, and Charlene.

Latin American Movie Series - including Strawberries and Chocolate... shown by Kevin on Tuesday evenings throughout April in the Campus Center Theatre

5-College Latino Students Coalition Dinner and Meeting - organized by Huong and Ron t

Study Break Latin American Foods Breakfast

Speaker: Marylen Serna Salinas - "Plan de Vida para Colombia"

Professor Panel on Latin American Courses

Chicano Political Poster Art Gallery

Voices for the Voiceless

Latin American Agriculture Night

Sacúdelo: Latin American Independence Celebration Party

Trujillo Era Movie

Dia de los Muertos Movie Night

La Casa Barbeque

La Casa T-Shirts for the House

Caipoeira Demonstration

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