Welcome to La Casa!

The purpose of La Casa is to bring together students who are interested in celebrating and enhancing awareness of Latino cultures through various activities including workshops, guest lectures, community service, and social events.

All house members will be required to take an active part in house functions. Each resident must contribute new ideas that will promote the purpose of the house. A great deal of dedication and time commitment will be expected from each house member. (Please refer to the constitution for a detailed description of your responsabilities as a House member.)

The application is due as soon as possible. After the application is submitted and reviewed by the house, an interview with the applicant will be arranged. Complete this application (paper copies available in the housing office) and submit it to the Housing Office by the deadline. If you have any questions please contact the House Chair.


Your Name:

Your E-mail:


Box #: Ext #:

Respond to the following questions as specifically as possible:

1. What role do you envision for La Casa in relation to it's members, the Latino community, and the Amherst College community?

2. What regions and/or topics are the focus of your interest in Latino culture?

3. What activities have you participated in that serve to demonstrate your interest in Latino culture (i.e. extra-curricular, summer jobs, etc.)?

4. What do you feel you can contribute to the house?

5. How many theme houses are you applying to for next semester?

6. Is there any information you would like the selection commitee to consider?

By submiting this application, I understand that should I be accepted into La Casa , I will be expected to contribute and participate in all house functions in order to fulfill the purpose of the house. I have read and understand my responsabilities as a House member, outlined in the constitution, and I am committed to fulfilling these responsabilities.