Listening to Kahn

"A museum seems like a secondary thing, unless it is a great treasury.
A treasury, a guarded love for your source. ... You're not forced to go in.
You go to see one thing or you are taken there to see it,
and its part of the visual history, the sense of the unmeasureable."
~Louis Kahn from the essay "The Visible City"


The Library Court of the Yale Center for British Art


~ Triangle dropped on the Entrance Court floor

~ Violin open arpeggio in the Library Court

~ Knocking on the outside of a viola da gamba in the Library Court

~ Viola da gamba rolling a chord in the Library Court

~ Tubular bells crashing into one another in the Library Court


"On a gray day it will look like a moth; on a sunny day like a butterfly."
~ Louis Kahn describing the Yale Center for British Art


More sounds from the Yale Center for British Art

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