Amherst College Geology


I teach a variety of courses at Amherst, and mentor students one-on-one in honors thesis research. My favorite part? Field trips and labs. Most of my courses involve lecture-, field- and laboratory-based inquiry. If you're interested in taking one of my courses, please sign up! All are welcome.

Geology 34: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
An introduction to sedimentary rocks and depositional environments.

Geology 09: Environmental Science - Case Studies
Climate change viewed through process understanding and specific case study analysis.

Geology 11 : Principles of Geology
Structure, composition, and evolution of the solid Earth.

Geology 21: Surficial Earth Dynamics
Structure, composition, and evolution of the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.


Geology 27: Paleontology
Evolution, extinction, and diversification of life through time.

Geology 77, 78: Senior Departmental Honors
Honors thesis research aimed at learning how to design, conduct, and present original scientific research. See my recent students' web pages for an idea of what might be involved.

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