Amherst College Geology
Paleobiology & Taphonomy of Early Paleozoic Pyritized Lagerstatten:
Insights from Beecher's Trilobite Bed

(A) Photograph of the pyritized trilobite Triarthrus eatoni preserved in shale (U. Ordovician Frankfort Shale; Rome, NY). The plan view X-radiographic image (B) reveals the presence of appendages, antennae, and tissues that are not visible on the surface of the sample. Dark regions correspond to areas of higher X-ray attenuation, and light regions represent lower attenuation. (C) Isosurface model of T. eatoni after digital removal of the surrounding shale matrix. Please click on images for enlarged views and animations.

Movies are presented as animated GIF files. Although data sets used to construct these animations have been downsampled 10-50 times to reduce WWW loading times, files are still large and may take a minute to load. Image at upper right of this page is a digitally extracted isosurface model of a 2 mm-long graptolite from the same deposit.

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