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I view my performing and composing as an important part of my musical "theorizing." Much of my music revolves around the intersection of improvisation and composition. I'm not that interested in the distinction between improvisation and composition; indeed, I see them as categorically interconnected. Virtually all of the music I compose is intended to be performed by groups that I participate in. This creates a special set of dilemmas!

For more information about the groups that I compose for and perform with, see the links at the bottom of this page. I've included a variety of recordings and sheet music below.

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Music Examples

Updates and additional audio and score examples coming soon.

For Nonaah's Alto (coming soon)
Primarily improvised piece for tenor saxophone
Jason Robinson, tenor sax

The Wiggle Room (mp3 excerpt)
From Fingerprint (2008/Circumvention), performed by the Jason Robinson Quartet
Score (pdf)

Shadows at Night (mp3)
From Cosmologic, III (2005/Circumvention)
Score (pdf)

Axis (mp3 excerpt)
From Cosmologic, Syntaxis (2002/Circumvention)
Score (pdf)

The Conundrum (mp3 excerpt)
From Fingerprint (2008/Circumvention), performed by Jason Robinson Quartet
Score (pdf)

Serendipity (mp3)
From Fingerprint (2008/Circumvention), performed by Jason Robinson Quartet
Score (pdf)

17th and Capp (mp3 excerpt)
From Cross Border Trio, New Directions (2007/Circumvention)
Score (pdf)

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