Felting Page


Felted Bowls: This is something new for me. I began with a purchased pattern but have modified it and adapted it to different yarn combinations. It's essentially a garter stitch flat oval on the bottom, picking up stitches all around and knitting straight up on a circular needle, then finishing off with an icord rim, size depending on the bulk of the carry-along yarn..


The bowls are small--around 5 - 6 inches wide or so. In all cases, I ran them in the washer in a small garment bag on hot/cold for the longest cycle. I tried to take them out before the final spin was all the way finished.

I made a couple that did not turn out for me. In one case I used a fun fur carry along and just didn't like the way it looked--cheap and too fuzzy. In another, I used too bulky a carry along on the rim and should have compensated by reducing the icord size around the top.


The polka dots are made with a sort of loose french knot of the dot yarn and tying it down at least one more time so that it stays flat against the knitting. It really seems to need the extra tie-down.