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Hillel Board Members - Fall 2004


Hillel is led by a Board of students under the guidance of the Jewish Religious Advisor, Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer. We meet weekly, and welcome members to drop by with their concerns, ideas, and energy!

Feel free to contact any of the Board members with questions pertaining to their position or Jewish life in general.

Religious Advisor Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer
article from Western Massachusetts Jewish Ledger

President Justin Epner '08      Vice-President Josh Stanton '08

Religious Chair Justin Epner '08 Social Chair Josh Stanton '08, Josh Stein '08
Publicity ChairChris Pochon '07 , Robyn Pront '08 Interfaith Liaison Meg Ray '08
Head Chef April Xin '07 Treasurer Mari Rosen '08
Israel Action Chair Chris Pochon '07 Senior Advisor Melissa Sidman '06, Rachel Gilbert '06
Web Coordinator Ding'An Fei '06 Tikkun Olam Chair Mirah Curzer '08


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