Please be patient while the applet loads into your browser. Once it loads, this applet will display a system of satellites orbiting planets in our Solar System. Select a planet from the menus labelled "High Resolution" and "Low Resolution", and the simulation will begin. You may need to use your scrollbar to center the simulation on your screen. You'll see a white window with several colored dots (trailing dots as they move around). Clicking within this window will display the coordinates in kilometers. In the window labelled "Selected Values", the satellite name, elapsed time (in days) and positions (x and y in thousands of kilometers) will be displayed if you click on one of the moons. You may need to click "Stop" to aid your ability to select the one you want. The initial positions are also displayed in a window to the right, for reference. Please click on the icon (looks like an x or a /) in the upper right corner of the simulation window before selecting a second system -- only one should be running at a time.