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Geoffrey Woglom
Curriculum Vitae

Sabbatical Field Work

Address:                                 Department of Economic
Amherst College
                                                         Amherst MA 010002


Telephone:                                     413-542-2433 (office)
                                                         413-256-4276 (home)
                                                         413-256-2090 (fax)

Date of Birth:                         September 25, 1946

Citizenship:                            U.S.A.

Fields of Specialization:                Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics

Degrees:                                          B.A. (1968), M.Phil. (1970) Ph.D. (1974): 
                                                         Yale University
			  2000-present Richard S. Volpert Professor of Economics
			  1984-2000, Professor
			  1985-1987, 2000-2002, Chair of the Economics Department
			  1978-1984, Associate Professor
			  Department of Economics Amherst College

             	                                         2003, Visiting Senior Economic Advisor, Economic Policy Research Institute

                                                        1999, Fullbright Scholar, University of the Western Cape
                                                        Cape Town, South Africa

                                                        1995 Visting Pamplin Professor of Economics,
                                                        Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon.

                                                        1993-1994, Visiting Professor, Department of Economics,
                                                        Harvard University

                                                        1991-1992, Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Economics,
                                                        University of Cambridge;
                                                        Visiting Scholar, Pembroke College, Cambridge

                                                        1988-1993 (summers), Visiting Scholar,                                                         International Monetary Fund (summers)

                                                        1984-1985, Academic Visitor, Centre for Labour Economics,
                                                        London School of Economics and Political Science

                                                       1972-1978, Instructor, Assistant Professor,
                                                       Department of Economics, Boston College
                                                       (Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 1978)
                                                       1977-1978, Financial Economist,
                                                       Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

                                                      1976-1977, Visiting Economist, Banking Section,
                                                      Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


"Government Investment Decisions and Institutional Constraints on Income Redistribution," Journal of Public Economics, 3, (1974). (with Robert Goldfarb)

"Search Models of the Labor Market and the Long-Run Phillips Curve," Southern Economics Journal, October 1975.

"On Two Specifications of Asset Equilibrium in Macroeconomic Models: A Note," Journal of Political Economy, April 1977.(with Willem Buiter)

Recent Working Papers:

"Financial Changes and Measures of Success Among the Second Tier of Top Liberal Arts Colleges, 1996-2001"

"Forecasting South African Inflation"

“Increasing Competition and Higher Education Finance," (with Roger Kaufman)

Modern Macroeconomics, Scott, Foresman and Co., 1988



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