GeoLect: Geology Lecture Exchange


Rationale & General Information:

Over the last few years of teaching, I have realized that I spend approximately 50% of my lecture-prep time seeking, scanning, downloading, and/or otherwise obtaining images, animations, and movies for my lectures.  Many of us are doing the same thing - obtaining images, surveying the literature, and assembling this information into Powerpoint lectures for our courses.

The most productive way for us to improve our efficiency at this process, while simultaneously improving the caliber of our lecture materials, is to share our lecture materials with one another.

To facilitate this process, I have set up a FTP-based Powerpoint lecture exchange whereby colleagues can freely upload and download Powerpoint lectures on a variety of undergraduate geology topics.  This site is run as a secure FTP site, and is only accessible and visible to participants.  Right now we have over 300 Powerpoint presentations on the site, and as more and more people participate, the number of available lectures will grow. The lectures are organized by course and include both introductory and upper-level courses. 

Note: These are not the low-resolution images/web-formatted PPT files you're used to finding through Google searches, but full PowerPoint files with all graphics, animations, and movies embedded at full file size.