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ARHS Scrimmage

On a beautiful summer-like evening, under the lights and the discerning parental eyes (and, unfortunately, ears) at ARHS, Amherst College asserted its local dominance over the Amherst Regional 'Canes in a 15-11 victory Thursday night. Highlights included several clutch in-cuts by Feric, a layout D by Amos, Monty and Fork holding the front wall together, Ronan getting skied (well, once) by some high schooler, and Mama Goose committing a Triple. Nevertheless, the glorious taste of victory sated the Army of Darkness's hunger for victory.
posted by dali 5/12/07

Alas, Regionals

The Army of Darkness headed for Queechee, VT on Friday afternoon, and stayed overnight at a lovely Motel 8 in an unprecedented act of foresight. With a highly-contested seventh seed, we played Tufts first. An unfortunate mix of consequences led to the AOD's 13-11 loss to the Elephant Men. Amherst balled "O.O.C." to defeat Yale, and despite an early lead, dropped the next game to UMass, as a stiff breeze emerged to equalize the otherwise clear Amherst victory. A win by default over Roger Williams in the "Ninals" left Amherst ninth in New England. Not too shabby, boys. The team returned home where a great banquet - themed "Why We Play Ultimate" - celebrated the AOD's and SM's exploits. An excellent season will conclude next weekend at Middlebury's Get Ho Get Lei'd tournament.
posted by dali 5/8/07

Amherst Upsets the Section Once Again

Following a recent scrimmage victory over UMass, the AOD and Bumper Crop headed to Williamstown with hunger aflame in our hearts. On Saturday, a clutch victory over Middlebury and an immensely close loss to Williams put our record at 3 and 1 for the day. We returned Sunday to face UMass in semifinals, and came back from trailing 3-8 and later 8-12 to defeat the mighty ZooDisc 15-13, for the second year running. The exhausted team put up a good fight in finals but was overwhelmed by Williams' sheer depth of players in finals. Nonetheless, the team's upset victory upended the New England rankings, and the soldiers of darkness eagerly anticipate next weekend's regional tournament.
posted by dali 5/1/07

Photos from Practice

A good samaritan attended practice one beautiful day last week armed not with cleats and disc, but rather with camera and photographer's eye. The result? A great Flickr photoset. Definitely worth checking out. Many thanks, tsibley. I hope you don't mind my reappropriation of a thumbnail to this site.
posted by dali 4/4/07


High Tide XI Champs!

The Army of Darkness has just returned from Savannah, GA, where we attended the annual High Tide tournament. This year, the soldiers of darkness fought fiercely. We were undefeated in preliminary rounds, going six and zero, which led us to quarterfinals. We battled hard against Princeton (actually, Princeton-X, since they didn't want to damage their UPA rankings. for good reason) and won 13-11, overran a very chill Grinnell team 13-4 in semifinals, and faced off UW-Milwaukee in finals. They sported fancy Sharpie-sponsored gear, but the AOD jumped to an early lead, established the deep game, battled a comeback, and found itself a fan favorite at universe point: 12-12, hard cap to 13. We never looked back, and took the championship with a deep huck to Feric Schulman.

This was a historic victory for an injury-weakened Amherst team, which looks eagerly forward to the upcoming spring season, with the highly-anticipated return of T.Ripple and those unable to join us in Savannah.
posted by dali 3/24/07


Soliciting Alumni Email Addresses

We're hoping to put together a list of alumni email addresses, so we can keep you informed about the Army's latest exploits. Even if you were on Uncle Butter, I suppose. Or before that, during the Dark Ages of Amherst Ultimate? Please email the frisbee account at amherst. I promise we won't clog your inbox.
posted by dali 3/24/07


Selling Discs

A limited supply of AOD-branded discs, featuring a grotesque, bloody chainsaw, is now available. Ten dollars apiece unless you're someone special. Printed in black or purple, both on white plastic. Contact the frisbee email account at Amherst for more info.
posted by dali 3/24/07


Want to Join the AOD?

If you'd like to learn more about the team or get on the mailing list, consider yourself invited. Shoot us an email: frisbee SPAMSPAM REMOVE THIS PART ät amherst REMOVE THIS GOBBLEDYGOOKdot êdu. We are always looking for new recruits. Especially if you're over 6'4". Basketball players?
posted by dali 3/24/07