Articles on Historiography
Professor Fredric Cheyette
Department of History
Amherst College

"Some Notations on Mr. Hollister's `Irony'," Journal of British Studies 5 (1965) 1-14.

"Beyond `Western Civ.': Rebuilding the Survey. A Comment," Society for History Education: Network News Exchange, 23 (1977). [Reprinted in The History Teacher (Aug., 1977)]

"An Alternative to Linear Time: Jacob Burckhardt's Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy," Berkshire Review 20 (1985) 54-62.

Review of Susan Reynolds, Fiefs and Vassals (1994), Speculum (1996)

"Georges Duby's Mâconnais after fifty years: reading it then and now " Journal of Medieval History October 2002

"Some reflections on violence, reconciliation and the 'feudal revolution.' " from Conflict in Medieval Europe, ed. Piotr Gorecki and Warren Brown ( Ashgate, 200X)

"Feudalism" [Unpublished; originally written for Dictionary of the History of Ideas]