Welcome to Professor Young's Lab

We are a physical chemistry research group in the Department of Chemistry at Amherst College.
As physical chemists, we are interested in applying steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopic techniques, specifically femtosecond lasers for transient absorption and transient emission, as well as steady-state absorption and emission spectroscopy to study charge transfer events. The power of spectroscopy can be applied to many chemical and physical investigations. Specifically, we are interested in the rational design, synthesis and spectroscopic study of molecular model PCET systems for which experimental observations can be used by theoreticians to continue development of a unified PCET theory. Additionally, we are interested in understanding charge separation dynamics in light-absorbing materials relevant to type II (D-A) PV systems and translating that to solar cell performance.
In order to carry our research goals, we plan to establish a sophisticated laser lab in which we will take our time-resolved absorption and emission measurements.
 To find out more about the Transient Absorption Laser Facility at Amherst College, please see our research page!
laser on table