Welcome to Professor Young's Lab



Elizabeth R. Young

Principal Investigator


B.S. Haverford College

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Office: Merrill 521

Phone: 413-542-5480


Department of Chemistry

Amherst College AC# 2243

Merrill Science Center

Amherst, MA 01002


Liz Young is originally from Macungie, PA. She received her B.S. in Chemistry (with a minor in German) from Haverford College, Haverford, PA. At Haverford, she carried out undergraduate research in the lab of Julio de Paula examining the spectroscopic properties of porphyrins tethered to short peptides. After spending a year abroad in Germany, she returned to U.S. to begin graduate work in the laboratory of Daniel G. Nocera at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the Nocera Lab, she carried out research concerned with proton-coupled electron transfer in model system utilizing electrochemistry and ultrafast spectroscopy. After completing her Ph.D., she stayed at MIT to work with Vladimir Bulovic in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. In the Bulovic lab, she learned solid state device fabrication and how engineers think about and design organic solar cells. In 2011, she began her independent research career as an assistant professor of chemistry at Amherst College. Her research interests span the areas of charge transfer in biologically relevant model system to charge transfer in molecular systems of interest to organic photovoltaics. She uses both electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques to probe systems of interest. At Amherst, she teaches course in general chemistry and upper level physical chemistry.


Current Lab Members
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Sam Hendel '15

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