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Aditi Krishnamurthy '18 represents the Young Lab in the Amherst SURF video

Aditi talks about the challenges and rewards of doing summer research in the Amherst chemistry! Great work, Aditi!

Aditi in SURF video

Click here to see the video and learn about the SURF program.



Professor Young speaks about the importance of amazing Amherst students in carrying out research in the Young Lab

In a video for admitted students, several Amherst professors, coaches and administrators speak out the vibrant Amherst community.

admitted student vido clip

click here to see the video --> 2015 admitted student video



Chemistry Women Mentorship Network (Chem WMN) aims to help women in chemistry at all levels!

Professor Young signs on as a menor in Chem WMN. Students (undergraduat and graduate) and Post-docs should check it out!

Chem WMN screenshot



The laser arrives (May 19th, 2015)!

laser in box other laser boxes

It was 1,000 ponds of boxes, lasers, optics and accessories.

The Libra even made it onto the laser table!

laser on table


Professor Young spoke about her experience using blended learning in Chemistry 161 in Fall of 2014.

blended learning talk



Professor Young has been awarded an NSF grant to establish a multi-user laser laboratory at Amherst.

The new was highlighted on the Amherst College website! Check it out!

copy of article about TA spectrometer


Great work to the entire group* presenting our work at the annual Chem Dept Poster Session (Feb 14th 2014).

group by the poster

What a great way to spend part of Valentines's Day!

*We were sadly missing Claire today. But she can be seen on the poster so we know she was there in spirit.

NERM (Northeast Regional Meeting of the ACS) at Yale 2013!

In October Stephen and Sam present there summer work at the ACS NERM conference at Yale. Great presentations! Here's a picture of us with the period table of elements to commemorate the event.

ery, stephen, sam at NERM


 Summer 2013!

Thanks to Sam Hendel and Stephen Hetterich for a great and productive summer!

  pic of stephen

Look at all the beautiful colors of our molecules!!

 pic of sam

Did someone say spec echem? Yes, please!


In 2013, the Lab acquired a fancy new fluorimeter for both steady-state and time-resolved measurement photoluminescence measurements (using time-correlated single photon counting)!


The new ISS Chronos BH !!

 another picture of the fluorimeter

Look at all the photons we can collect!


Contratulations to Ewuradjoa Gadzanku!

Congratulations to Ewurradjoa on her thesis defense in May 2013! We wish her the best of luck in her future studies!

Summer 2012 Research Group Dinner! Thanks everyone for a great summer in the lab!

Lab Members: Ewuradjoa Gadzanku '13, Miranda Dershimer '14, Sarah Martell '15, Afua Nti '12, Prof. Young

Contratulations to Afua Nti!

Congratulations to Afua on her thesis defense, her graduation and for receiving a recognition for her accomplishments from the Dean of Faculty at Amherst College in the form of a post-baccalaureate summer research fellowhip to allow her to work in the lab for the summer after her graduation.

August 31, 2011 Wet Lab is getting filled with instruments!


Afua working with the UV-vis_NIR


Spec-Echem Set up!


Vacuum pumps...still need to be set up, but arrived.


Soon to be High-Vac line.


Balance and pH meter.


August 8th 2011 Laser Table is delivered!


Truck and crane arrive at Merrill and are in position.


The special legs to support the crane are specially supported.


The crane is up on all for lets and leveled out. The front of the truck is several feet off the ground!


Laser table is hooked up to the crane.


up, up, and away!


The laser table is carefully landed onto dollies on the roof. The ply wood is there to provide extra protection for the roof.


The landing from a different perspective.


Bird's eye view of the progress across the roof.


Making their way to the door...


Here comes the table into the door (notice the small step down to come into the room - that's the reason for the special rigging equipment).


The first side of the table gets supported.


Now, the rest of the table comes into the room.


Down the hall we go to the lab!


Arrived in the lab: Thumbs up!


Now we have to get the laser table from its side into its final position.


Slowly lowering the table...


Finally it is in the right orientation!


Time for the legs!


Check that the laser talble is level!


And, DONE!!


August 2011

We are currently setting up the wet lab for upcoming experiments.

Future site of the Laser lab will be Merrill 413/414!