Opportunities for undergraduate students

Students interested in the research described elsewhere on this site, or in related projects, are invited to contact me. There are several avenues through which students can work in my lab, including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer fellowship program (for first- or second-year students) and by conducting honors thesis research under my supervision. Funds may be available for summer research students who do not fall into either of these two categories.

Undergraduate students who work in my lab often publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals and/or travel to national or international meetings to present their results. Papers, oral presentations or poster presentations co-authored by students are listed on the Research page of this site.


Biology students and faculty celebrate the
completion of senior thesis projects.


Opportunities for graduate students and postdocs

Graduate students are eligible to work in my lab through the University of Massachusetts’ Ph.D./M.S. program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, of which I am a member. Interested candidates are asked to contact me in the fall to inquire if funding is available for the following academic year. Click here to read a PDF file with some information that may be useful for prospective graduate students. Click here for a listing of graduate programs in animal behavior compiled by the Animal Behavior Society.

Potential postdoctoral associates are eligible to compete for the Darwin Fellow award. Collaborative grant writing is also a possibility. Send me a description of your research interests and a CV if you wish to discuss postdoctoral possibilities.