Welcome! Let me introduce
the Clotfelter lab crew...

Clotfelter lab group 2008-09
Back: Gabi, Erin, Genelle, Louise, Kathy (with Ricardo)
Middle: Lexi
Front: Geoff, Pepita, Ethan
Not pictured: Tatiana

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid....

Clotfelter lab group 2007-08
(L to R): Lexi, Tatiana, Susan, Kathy, Karina, Ethan, and Genelle.
Not pictured: Julian

Quote: "Who dares intrude on our Amazonian paradise?"


Ethan Clotfelter, Master of the Buckhounds


"It’s always a good time for a moonwalk."

"No pastry left behind!"


Lexi Brown, research technician and laboratory manager, 2006-2008
Ph.D. student in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at the
University of Massachusetts, 2008-present

Check her out on the Web.


"Why don’t they sell tailored lab coats for women? 
Possibly with an attractive belt?"

"I wish I had a real piece of cheesecake instead of a picture
of a piece of cheesecake."

"Don’t worry about calories. They’re fuel for the body,
which is the limousine of the brain."


Kathy Nieves-Puigdoller, NEAGEP Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-08
Kathy is studying the effects of phytoestrogens on
the behavior and physiology of female fish. We're sad to be losing
her in August of 2008, when she and her family move to Michigan.

"We make up all data from now on."


Lexi and Kathy emerge from the
lab dungeon and enjoy the sunshine

Kathy to Lexi: "I will call you at work from Puerto Rico.  I will say
'I'm on the beach', and you will say 'go to the hell'."

Lexi to Kathy: "While you’re gone I'm going to open all your invitations
and go to functions as you.  I'll tell everyone I'm an albino Puerto Rican."

Genelle Diaz-Silveira, research assistant, 2007-present
Genelle demonstrates proper laboratory safety
as well as "no look" pipetting

Quotes (several of many choice ones):

"What’s on your gloves? Arsenic? Testosterone? Cupcakes?"

"This is nothing but a unicorn of empty promises!"

"Fisherbrand?  More like Fisher-Price!"

"Nobody likes to be drugged up and killed."

"You need a big ol’ cup of relax."

Tatiana Butler, research assistant, 2007-present
When she's not wrestling and lobotomizing salmon,
Tatiana is a Biology major at Amherst.

Quote: "Your stuffed animal smells!  Jerk!"
(I have no idea what the context of that quote is.)


Erin Morrison, senior honors student, 2008-present
Erin is queen of all she surveys in the
Amherst College Wildlife Sanctuary.

Louise Stevenson, senior honors student, 2008-present
In her time in the lab, Louise distinguished herself
as an indefatigable pipetter, ice cream lover, and all-around great person.

Quote: "You know how daycares have these strollers with
like 87 kids in them and they all look unhappy?  This is just like that."

Geoff Giller, HHMI summer fellow, 2008
Geoff accessorizes with a tree swallow nestling


Gabi Barmettler, HHMI summer fellow, 2008
Gabi working hard in the field.

Dan Ardia, Darwin Fellow postdoc, 2004-06
and current collaborator

Dan is a faculty member in the Department
of Biology at Franklin & Marshall College, but he
still gets an honorary position as lab member.


Ricardo Antonio Nieves-Gomez, lab mascot
Ricardo knows how to drink (milk) like a rock star


Previous Amherst College research
students, postdocs, and technicians


Suan Lin, senior honors student, 2007-08
Susan studied carotenoid pigmentation and immunity in
Midas cichlids. She was also Lexi's arch-nemesis.

Quote: "Small things have a lot of anger in them."


Karina Zaveri, senior honors student, 2007-08
Karina was a Neuroscience major who studyied the effects of
phytoestrogens on male courtship behavior and
neuroendocrine activity in Betta splendens.


Karina (far left) and Bio majors (L-R) Andrew, Mandy, Megan,
Sarah, Jared and Ryan show their geeky side by modeling a
DNA double helix at the senior dinner (we were all just
jealous that we didn't think of it first).


Julian Damashek, HHMI summer fellow, 2006
and research assistant, 2007-08
Julian was a Biology major and mad scientist here at Amherst.


Natalie Ferraiolo, HHMI summer fellow, 2007
Natalie was a Biology major at Amherst College.


Shaylon Stolk, HHMI summer fellow, 2007
Shaylon is also a Biology major at Amherst College.


Elise Chad, senior honors student, 2006
Elise is currently applying to programs in veterinary medicine and is
enrolled in a Master's degree program in animal nutrition in California.

Elizabeth Kuperberg, HHMI summer fellow, 2005
and senior honors student, 2006-07

Elizabeth is now a doctoral student
in Kelly Zamudio's lab at Cornell.

Quote (explaining her choice of Cornell over Stanford): "I hate sunlight."


Jonathan Perez, HHMI summer fellow, 2005
and senior Honors student, 2006-07

Jon now works for VISTA/Americorps in Springfield, MA.


David Westwood, HHMI summer fellow, 2006
David was a Chemistry major here at Amherst College.


Maureen Manning, laboratory technician, 2004-06
Maureen is now a research technician and the safety
officer for the Department of Biology at Amherst College.

Quote: "Do not trust men whose shirts match their socks."


Jessamyn Conell-Price, senior honors student, 2005-06
Jess is currently working in a biomedical
research lab at Columbia University and
applying to graduate programs in public health.


Meredith McNitt, senior honors student, 2005-06
Mer is now at the School of Physical
Therapy at Northwestern University.

Erin O'Hare, HHMI summer fellow, 2004
and research assistant, 2004-05

She is currently working in the Cancer Pathways group at Merck in
Boston and applying to graduate programs in public health.


Belle (unofficial lab mascot) and Ankur Gupta, teaching assistant, 2004
Ankur is at the University of Pennsylvania's
of Veterinary Medicine. Belle's whereabouts are unknown.


Leslie Curren, senior honors student, 2004-05
Leslie is a doctoral student in Kay
Holekamp's lab at Michigan State University.


Alison Rodriguez, senior honors student, 2004-05


Caleb Murphy, senior honors student, 2003-04
Caleb is now at the University of
Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine.


Pre-Amherst College research students


Brian Colleran, research assistant, 2002-03
When last heard from, Brian was pursuing a M.S. in
conservation biology at the University of Michigan.


Jackie Gaudioso, research assistant 2002 - lower left
Dawn O'Neal, MLBS REU student, 2001 - upper right

(Other members of 2002 junco crew include
Eric Snajdr, Katie Hill and Wendy Wolf)
Jackie was pursuing a M.S. in conservation biology at the
University of Hawaii, and Dawn is a doctoral candidate
in Ellen Ketterson's lab at Indiana University.


Desiree Gesualdi, left, research assistant, 2001-02
Randy Ingham, right, research assistant, 2001-03


Junco crew 2000: (back) Eric Snajdr, Ian Parker-Renga, Joel
McGlothlin, Amy Coulthard, (front) Ellen Ketterson, Val Nolan,
Kristin Schubert (MLBS REU), Diane Neudorf, and Ethan.


Sharon Lamont, research assistant, 2002-03


Sara Sampieri, research assistant, 2002-03


Aaron Paolino, research assistant, 2001
Aaron is currently studying to be a boat captain.



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