Executive Board 2007-8 Elections

Please participate in our executive board elections! You will be receiving a ballot in your mailbox.
***One lucky participant will win a $15 gift certificate to CVS***
Please participate in our executive board elections! You will be receiving a ballot in your mailbox.


John Barbieri 09

I would like to run for secretary. I am very organized and hardworking. As the director of scheduling for ACEMS, I have experience organizing, scheduling and publicizing events. I believe I could do an excellent job of maintaining the club email address as well as keeping the club's members informed of everything that is going on. I also have leadership experience with ACEMS and from being the captain of sports teams in the past, so I think that I could help provide strong leadership for the club in the future.


Caroline Kim 09

I am interested in joining the Executive Board of the Charles Drew Health Professions Society as treasurer next year. Not only am I very financially responsible, but I am also excited about working with other members of the E-Board to organize new events and activities next year to raise awareness of the Society's presence and purpose.

Wen Zhang 10

My name is Wen Zhang and I'm a freshman who's interested the position of treasurer. Like many others, I'm also a pre-med student; I want to be a physician one day to help others who are suffering. I believe that science is a tool and way of thinking that we, as humans, are best equipped to use. I enjoy science because one question can prompt a million different answers, but there will always be more questions than answers, with each answer eliciting yet more questions. Science is the curiosity to achieve and the tenacity to persist; it is inquiry, discovery, and the ability of the human mind to ponder the intricateness of its own creation, all qualities which I possess. Combine that with the fact that I am responsible, enjoy organizing (amazing as that sounds), and am good with money, and you'll find I'm quite suited to the position of treasurer!

Publicity Chair:

Ana Popovska 08

This (almost past) semester, Drew Health Professions Society made a positive change in my perspectives on applying to health-related programs by presenting valuable and informative talks and events. Maybe most of you feel the same way. Well, I would like to contribute to the positive impact  the Society makes on pre-med and pre-health students by serving as a dedicated and inspired board member. This fall, I attended most of the events that Drew Society organized, including the off-campus Yale Med School Fair and got a good idea of the philosophy of the club and the activities that keep it popular among pre-med students. I am willing to serve as either a co-chair(wo)man or an event ambassador, as I like organizing events and networking. The current Drew Society board did an excellent job in providing us with a variety of events but there is always room for improvement. If elected as an officer, I will propose hosting more talks on degrees alternative and/or complimentary to the MD, such as MPH, the PhD (well, we actually had talks on biomedical research), dual degrees, etc. I will also propose hosting informative talks on career paths that are different from ordinary clinical medicine, so that our members gain a better appreciation of the vast medical field. Finally, I will do my best to produce an eventful and exciting semester for the Drew Health Professions Society.

Anne Lipton 08

I am interested in the positions of either co-chairman or publicity chair. I have been a member of the Drew Health Professions Society since I was a freshman. I have experience from high school as the president of a club and as a publicity chair. If I was co-chairman, I would try to bring in more speakers, panels, and organize attendance to more conferences. If I was chosen as publicity chair, I would try to spread more knowledge of the existence of the Drew Health Professions Society and events organized by the society using posters, table-tents, and postings on the Jolt event list.

Event Ambassador:

Sara Barmettler 08

I am interested in running for the position of Event Ambassador. As a current member of the Charles Drew executive board serving in the same position, I have had experience with publicizing and helping out with events. I would like to continue being a part of the executive board and would like to contribute from a different angle next year! I am organized and responsible and I feel like I'd be able to contribute a lot from this position!

Mike LaRiviere 08

I am interested in serving as Event Ambassador of the Drew Health Professions Society.  Since I began volunteering in a hospital when I was 15, I knew that medicine would become my passion.  Since then, I have done work in the emergency room for several years, attended a forum on medicine, shadowed physicians, and scrubbed into surgeries.  I was excited to see a resurgence of the Drew Health Professions Society, and I appreciate the speakers it has brought and the workshops it has held.  However, I would like to take it a step further.  Given Amherst's extensive alumni network, which includes a vast number of physicians, I'd like to set up several one-to-several-day group shadowing experiences, surgery viewings, off-site workshops, and speakers.  In the same manner that the Pre Business Group has a multi-day forum during Interterm, I would like to set up similar for during fall break, Interterm, spring break, and any other opportune times.  The AAS provides funding for us to bring speakers, so I propose we make the most of that funding.  Everyone in the Drew Health Professions Society is interested in medicine or some field of health; as chairman, I'd like to plan a great deal of enrichment for an interest we all share.


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The Charles Drew Health Professions Society, formerly known as the Charles Drew Pre-Med Society, extends its membership to Amherst students of all racial, relgious, socioeconomic, or sexual backgrounds. The name of our organization has been revised in order to fairly represent and mentor students interested in all the health professions—including but not limited to medicine, dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, public health, biomedical research, physical therapy, and psychology.

The Health Professions Society's main goal is to encourage and support students' desire to be successful in their pursuit of a career in healthcare, by maintaining a strong community pre-health students, faculty and health professionals.