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"They ended with "On Children" and my only thought was "That's the kind of group I want to be in!!" I was in an a cappella group in high school but it was nothing like this. I had applied to Amherst by that point, so I just kept my fingers crossed that I'd get in.

"I was in an a cappella group in high school and it was just about singing. But the Bluestocking are about sound and sensuality...about conveying a story full of emotion and beauty and strength through music. I loved being part of a tradition. I think I figured out that throughout my four years in the group, I sang with about 30 different women. And I loved that there were other women in the world with "Bluestocking" coursing through their veins. When I was a sophomore, we realized that there were women on campus for their 10 year reunion who had been Bluestockings. So we found them, yanked them away from their tents and sang with them on the social dorm quad.

"Then we celebrated the Bluestockings 10 year reunion which had a great turnout. The alumnae got together and sang songs we had never heard. And it was clear that they had the same spirit, the same soulful sound, the same attitude...they were Bluestockings, too." - Deny Soto '00