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"I remember seeing them perform at the freshman show in the fall, and I was blown away. Their tone quality was shocking and their song choice really stood out to me. I'm not a huge fan of the generic, typical a cappella songs and loved what the Bluestockings sang, including some I had never heard of before! Of course, I'm not the only one who is floored by their version of "Hallelujah", but while listening to them perform it, I could imagine myself up there, singing with them. Once I was accepted into the group, it became my hideout, a place to go when I couldn't deal with school or friends or boyfriends, etc. Music / music groups have always been a form of escape for me, but I continue to find that true particularly with the Bluestockings. I am so happy that a group of such different girls can get along so well and respect each other. I sang a cappella in high school, but there wasn't the same sense of motivation to sound as good as we can. Everyone in the Bluestockings brings their own musicality to the group, and we all learn off each other at every rehearsal." -Jane Mostue '09

"Why did I want to join the Bluestockings? The sound. The deep, soulful sound. The way I see it, "Bluestocking" is something you are. It's an attitude, a way of being. Becoming part of the group gives you the means to expressing that.

"My brother was a year older than me at Amherst. So I came up when I was a senior in high school to watch the show during Parents Weekend. The Bluestockings sang "Blue", "Gypsy" and "Walking On Broken Glass" (I had sang with Yelena in high school and recognized her when she sang her solo--they did it with choreo).