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"I auditioned for the Bluestockings because I had seen them perform and was impressed by the power of their voices and their music. When I went to my first rehearsals with the group, I was amazed at how hard everyone worked to polish their parts and fit them together to make the best possible sound. It was vastly different from any other singing group I had been in before, and a bigger commitment than I had expected, but I loved being a part of it. Some of my best and strongest memories from Amherst are from my time with the Sox: travelling to concerts, recording a CD, singing with old members at alumni reunions. It was an incredible experience, and the wonderful women I met in the group became some of my best friends at Amherst." -Ashley (Williamson) Larsen '97

"It was the sound of the Sox that enticed me. Period. The Sox sound was powerful, intricate, uninhibited. When they performed in the stairwell of Valentine my freshman year, I could literally feel their voices in my gut. ... I cannot think of Amherst without thinking of the Bluesox. I spent my years at Amherst singing at the top of my lungs (as well as laughing, crying, debating, and jamming) with some of the most strong-willed, intelligent, and committed women I have ever met. A year or two out of college, I was on the phone with my father, wondering what I would do with my life. I blurted out, 'I wish I could go back to Amherst!' 'Why?' he asked, puzzled. Without hesitation, I replied, 'Because I was challenged. I felt safe. And I sang ALL the time.'" -Angela N. Brown '00

"I remember going to Bluestockings concerts my freshman year and getting chills when the group hit those really low notes or everyone got really loud and sang so powerfully. I wasn't used to hearing female groups sound that way, and I was totally hooked. I pretty much peed my pants with happiness when I got into the group Sophomore year. It was really exciting to be a part of such a unique sound." -Johanna Bowman '01