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Jessica Greif '00 asked current and past members why they chose to audition for the Bluestockings. What about this group made them want to be part of it? Once they were involved, what distinguished it for them from other activities, groups they've sung in, or other a cappella groups at Amherst?

"I...really enjoyed being part of a women's singing group - my other choral singing experiences were always co-ed and they were great as well but as you know, being a member of a women's a cappella group is a social universe of its own." - Courtney Behrenhausen '91

"What I appreciated about the Sox is that they were undyingly supportive. I loved belonging to a group where I knew the members would back me up in my endeavors." -Susan (Post) Rizzo '98

"I joined the Bluestockings during the February of my freshman year. I was already a member of Concert Choir, and there were several members of the Bluesox in choir with me who encouraged me to try out. Many of those women in choir with me were founding members of the group from the class of '91, and I was a little awed by how cool, fun, strong, smart, and talented they were. Then I heard the group sing! I was hooked. I was proud to be a part of the group as it evolved and found its sound. Over my four years in the group, the arrangements got lower, more soulful, bluesy, and funky. The sound of the group came to match the identity of the women who were a part of it. I was also proud that the Bluesox was--and still is--a diverse group." -Katie Balaschak '94