// ASA Mission Statement

    The Amherst Asian Students Association (ASA) is the Asian/Pacific/American student umbrella organization at Amherst College. We provide funds to, collaborate with, and share our resources with KSA (Korean Student Organization), SASA (South Asian Student Organization), VSA (Vietnamese Student Organization), CAO (Chinese Awareness Organization), ISA (International Student Organization, and others. Led by a dedicated, enthusiastic, and creative e-board, ASA strives to reach out to broader, more diverse audiences every year. We have modified our goals in becoming more politically-oriented, while still staying motivated to be active in fields of education and entertainment. Through active networking, ASA sponsors and co-sponsors a number of events, and in response, have experienced extensive campus-wide and Five-College attendance at our gatherings. Our supportive membership, as indicated by the number of people requesting our email updates, is growing rapidly among students of Asian and non-Asian descent alike.