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Creative Writing Thesis Readings Creative Writing Thesis Writers · May 4, 2005
Edward Farmer, Elizabeth Galoozis, Michael Hogan, Evan Klavon, Saul Lelchuk, Megan McDonald-Walsh, David Molina and Jennifer Salcido of the class of 2005 read from their Creative Writing theses.

Edward Farmer · 7'28"
High Quality (128 kbps)

Elizabeth Galoozis · 9'35"
High Quality (128 kbps)

Michael Hogan · 15'09"
High Quality (128 kbps)

Evan Klavon · 12'08"
High Quality (128 kbps)

Saul Lelchuk · 17'31"
High Quality (128 kbps)

David Molina · 12'26"
High Quality (128 kbps)

Jennifer Salcido · 14'12"
High Quality (128 kbps)


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