The Anthropology of Trash

Spring 2007 – Alexx Campbell




Collecting - Dates to be determined

At some point during the semester, I will save all garbage I generate for a given period.  This includes anything that I would throw out in a garbagecan or waste basket; it does not include toilet paper. I’ll then bring my trash to class.


Reusing – Dates to be determined

Choose a product that you would normally discard after using. Instead of throwing it out, save it and use it as many times as you can until it dies. Examples might be paper or plastic shopping bags, paper coffee cups, plastic water bottles, etc. Mark the date that you first reuse it and see how long it lasts. Also notice how many of them you save by using one over and over.


Other practices to be decided upon.


Field Trips:


The Official Garbage System - I plan to do something where I go along with garbage collectors as they make their rounds, somewhere in the Amherst area – either with the College, or with the Town.  I also want to visit the Town dump.


Dumpster Diving

In one form or another, I will go dumpster diving, preferably with others who have done it before.  I will try to find something that I can actually “rescue” from the garbage and use for myself.




Week 1:  Theories of Dirt, Disgust, and Separation


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Week 2:  Ignoring Trash and the Value of Waste


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Week 3: A History of Trash in America


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Week 4: Trash Then and Now


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Week 5: Garbage Men (and Women)


Field Trip – The Official Garbage System


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Week 6: Unofficial Garbage Workers, Part One


Field Trip – Dumpster Diving


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Week 7: Unofficial Garbage Workers, Part Two


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Week 8: How Do Trash Systems Affect Different People Differently?


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Week 9: The Politics of Pollution and Global Racism


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Something about the international toxic waste trade


Week 10: Garbology


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Week 11: Recycling and Other Alternatives


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Week 12: Something Really Awesome


To be decided.