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There are some steps that you can take to prevent the spread of and becoming sick with the flu.

  • Use the preventative measures mentioned in the DPH's video found on the following web site:

  • Get your yearly flu vaccination. According to the Dept. of Public Health, yearly flu vaccinations have a cumulative effect, which may prove to be beneficial to your health when the pandemic flu begins. Immunizing children is especially important because they are the vectors: they carry and spread the virus.

  • Wear masks in public areas for extra protection.

    (Slide from Lisa Stone M.D., M.P.H.)

  • Have extra food and water at home in case there is a rush on the food stores! Be sure to have stock of these, as well as your other essential items, well in advance of the pandemic. Do not wait until the pandemic hits to stock up on these items!
  • Social distancing is very important to preventing the spread of the virus from one person to many. Avoid large gatherings and keep a safe distance away from those who are sick, such as sick family members, and wash your hands frequently. If you are sick, be sure to cough and sneeze into your sleeve, wash your hands frequently, stay home from work and, if possible, do not leave the house to avoid spreading the virus to others, and keep a safe distance from people who are living with you.