Senate and JC Elections and Surveys - May 1st, 2008

455 people voted in this election. Write-ins that recieved less than 4% of the vote are not displayed.

Class of 2011 Senate Elections

The eight candidates receiving the most votes will be elected Senators for the Class of 2011.
(Choose 8): 159 voters

Daniel Bamba*77% (122)
Jared Crum*75% (120)
Saumitra Thakur*74% (118)
Victor Zhu*72% (114)
Sid Salvi*72% (114)
Katherine Guthrie*67% (107)
Haley Castro*65% (103)
Philip Johnson62% (98)

Class of 2010 Senate Elections

The eight candidates receiving the most votes will be elected Senators for the Class of 2010.
(Choose 8): 149 voters

Ariandne DeSimone60% (90)
William Braun60% (89)
Mason Bradbury*56% (84)
Nick Zhou50% (74)
mcase1043% (64)
anathan1041% (61)
dtemin1038% (56)
jmestre1035% (52)
rmilov1031% (46)
dudom107% (10)

Class of 2009 Senate Elections

The eight candidates receiving the most votes will be elected Senators for the Class of 2009.
(Choose 8): 97 voters

Selena Xie*84% (81)
Chase Tanenbaum*76% (74)
Umang Dua67% (65)
Jelani Lundy-Harris57% (55)
ctullis0929% (28)
alundstrom098% (8)
akaufman097% (7)
tdeary096% (6)

Judiciary Council Elections

The three candidates receiving the most votes will be elected at-large memebers of the Judiciary Council.
(Choose 3): 306 voters

Garrett Snedeker*82% (250)
Josiah Bethards70% (213)
tburnett1113% (40)
swbell119% (27)

Keefe Health Center Online Scheduler Survey

1. Should the Health Center have an online scheduler? This scheduler would not change the number of walk-in hours or appointment hours currently available, but would allow you to schedule appointments online.: 403 voters

Yes95% (382)
No5% (21)

2. How many appointments and walk-ins have you scheduled on average per semester?: 412 voters

1-257% (233)
3-419% (77)
Never17% (70)
5-64% (16)
7 or more4% (16)

3. Did you schedule an appointment, do a walk-in, or both?: 395 voters

Both48% (188)
Walk-in21% (82)
Appointment19% (75)
Neither12% (48)
Other1% (2)

4. If you have scheduled an appointment, have you found any of the following occurrences to be an obstacle?: 189 voters

Unable to schedule an appointment due to schedule conflicts33% (62)
Called during Health Center hours (M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and the phone went straight to message or did not pick up.30% (56)
Did not have time to call in during the Health Centerís hours and was, therefore, unable to schedule an appointment by phone afterwards.28% (53)
Other10% (18)

5. If you went for a walk-in, how long did it take to see a doctor (on average)?: 281 voters

20 minutes or less43% (120)
30 minutes or less23% (66)
10 minutes or less15% (43)
More than 30 minutes15% (42)
More than an hour4% (10)

6. On a scale of 1-9, with 1 being least accessible and 9 being most accessible, how accessible has been the Health Center and why?: 334 voters

728% (94)
815% (49)
614% (46)
513% (44)
410% (35)
38% (28)
95% (18)
24% (14)
12% (6)

Fitness Center Survey

The Athletics Department, in conjunction with the AAS, is considering installing additional televisions in the Fitness Center which would be significantly easier to watch and hear from the various aerobic stations than the TVs currently there. Two general options are being considered.

Option 1: Fit each aerobic machine with an individual television screen. These TVs would recieve all channels currently accessible on campus and each student would be able to change the channel on their machine's TV. Headphones would plug into the aerobic machine to provide sound.

Option 2: Mount televisions on the walls of the Fitness Center such that two to three TVs are visible to each main group of cardio machines (treadmills, ellipticals, and bicycles). Each TV would be attached to a transmitter and each machine would be outfitted with a reciever. Headphones would plug into a machine's reciever to provide sound and students would be able to select which TV they wished to hear. These TVs would also recieve all channels currently accessible on campus. This option however might require the implementation of a procedure to reconcile differing preferences concerning channel selection.

Please indicate which of the following best expresses your preferences:: 394 voters

I prefer Option 1 more than Option 2.52% (204)
I oppose both options.13% (52)
I prefer Option 1 and oppose Option 2.11% (45)
I prefer Option 2 more than Option 1.9% (37)
I prefer the two options equally.8% (31)
I prefer Option 2 and oppose Option 1.6% (25)

Television Channel Survey

1. Amherst College is going to add two channels to the TV lineup next year. Which of the following channels would you like added? (Select up to two.)
: 408 voters

Independent Film Channel21% (84)
ABC Family Channel19% (78)
Sci-Fi Channel12% (47)
NFL Network11% (45)
College Sports TV10% (40)
MSNBC8% (34)
Nickelodeon7% (28)
Game Show Network3% (14)
WE (Women's Entertainment)3% (13)
TV Land3% (12)
Fox News2% (10)
Military Channel1% (3)

2. Would you support the addition of an Amherst College Channel? This might include daily announcements or recordings of sports events, performance projects, or senior theses, etc.
: 378 voters

Yes78% (294)
No22% (84)